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Top Tips For Taking Better Photographs - Motionmile Blog

POSTED ON 24th September 2018

Top Tips For Taking Better Photographs

A good photograph speaks a thousand words, and taking a good photograph involves nothing more than a little bit of thought. Whilst high end equipment...
Photography - Camera Filters (Part 2) - Motionmile Blog

POSTED ON 17th September 2013

Photography - Camera Filters (Part 2)

Welcome to the second instalment of our travels through the world of different filters.The ND (neutral density) filter is another absolute definite for...
Taking Photographs At Night - Motionmile Blog

POSTED ON 21st August 2013

Taking Photographs At Night

Night-time brings some beautiful scenes for photographing. However, it can be very frustrating as what the eye sees if far greater than what a camera can...
Shooting 35mm Film - Motionmile Blog

POSTED ON 11th July 2013

Shooting 35mm Film

If you ask me, this is simply a must for every photographer. I’m not saying shoot 35mm film all the time, but at least run through a couple of rolls,...
Photography - Camera Filters (Part 1) - Motionmile Blog

POSTED ON 18th June 2013

Photography - Camera Filters (Part 1)

Filters are a cameraman’s best friend – they can save you in many situations in various different ways. And the beautiful thing is they don’t have...
The Beauty of HDRI's - Motionmile Blog

POSTED ON 13th June 2013

The Beauty of HDRI's

A particular art that is essential to photographers is the ability to do an HDRI.Essentially an HDR, or High Dynamic Range’ Image is the blending of...
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