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1,000 After Effects Templates - Our Favourite 20!

1,000 After Effects Templates - Our Favourite 20!

1,000 After Effects Templates - Our Favourite 20! - Motionmile Blog

1,000 After Effects Templates

This week our online marketplace reached the 1,000 After Effects Templates milestone. While this may not be in the same realm as some other websites in terms of quantity, we're incredibly proud of the effort made by our incredible authors and we're very inspired when it comes to the quality of their work!

Promoting both new and existing template creators equally has always been our aim with this community and hopefully this article will show you some of our favourite works so far.

All items below can be purchased individually or hobbyists and professionals alike can download them all using our incredibly affordable yearly Premium Membership.

Our 20 Favourite AE Templates

Below you'll find (in no particular order) links to our favourite After Effects Templates. It's incredibly difficult picking what you consider to be the best few items out of over 1,000 and there are tonnes that could have made this list. Feel free to check out the whole After Effects library and let us know if there are any you think we should have included.

Call Out Titles

Call Out Titles are a great way of clearly identifying an item, person or action and these 4K animations animate in and out with modern styling. This makes them incredibly useful in a huge range of projects.

Memories Of Travel

Slideshows are available in abundance and there really is one for every required occasion. We currently offer hundreds and we're extremely impressed with the dynamic and cinematic nature of this After Effects slideshow. It's perfect for a huge range of projects you may be working on.

Brush Double Exposure

Blend photos and videos together with this extremely elegant After Effects opener template. It offers a professional range of animation styles and techniques that will impress your audience each and every time they see it.

Slides Zone V1

Every motion graphics artist needs a range of title sequence compositions that can be put into promos or used as standalone projects. This AE file will really boost your arsenal and you'll find an appropriate comp for every occasion.

Cube Fantasy

As you can imagine, every single week we review a huge number of items that are extremely similar to one another. This After Effects slideshow template was a refreshing change from the norm, offering a 3D looking cube style design that's not ideal for every occasion, but perfect for specific ones.

Outline Explainer Kit

20 clean, colorful and stylishly animated infographic scenes that you'll be able to use time and time again. Enjoy this stunning range of After Effects explainer animations and really wow your clients with a modern, 2d style animation.

Epic Trailer

This 40 second promo style title sequence is full of depth and offers a really professional animation throughout. It's cinematic, dynamic and incredibly unique.

Good Old Days

After Effects slideshow templates that offer this much depth will always be popular. This stunning animation is perfect for holiday slideshows, weddings, display presentations and so much more.

Above The Stars

Above The Stars is a cinematic title sequence that wouldn't be out of place on the big screen. Animated particles give the impression of subtly passing through the stars and each scene provides a unique space backdrop.

Typography Pack

Similar to Slides Zones V1 in this collection, these 20 stylishly animated and designed titles offer a versatile and dynamic range of possibilities that will be useful in a range of projects. Each template style is unique and the typography animations are professional throughout.

Modern Portfolio

Display your photography portfolio professionally and with style by using this ultra modern slideshow animation. Adding imagery couldn't be easier thanks to the placeholders within the 3D glass looking blocks.


This template looks like it's come straight out of the MTV generation of TV and is perfect for advertising an event, service or product.

Life Journey

Life Journey offers another depth filled slideshow that's in-line with the modern 'Instagram' trend of featuring images on retro polaroids. Adding text allows you to clearly label your favourite 10 images and this visually appealing animated portfolio will impress anyone who views it.

Flat Infographics Pack

Flat Infographics are useful for anyone who needs to explain an app, service or company in a modern and eye catching fashion.

51 Amazing Lower Thirds

Lower Thirds are an absolute essential for any designer or videographer. We feature a huge variety on our marketplace, however this caught our eye thanks to their transferrable modern styling and HD / 2K / 4K variations.

Glassy Parallax

We love the modern trend of featuring parallax style depth to slideshows. This slideshow in particular to us does a great job of blending subtle parallax styling with a range of stylised elements.

Hand Explainer Kit

After Effects templates that can be used in a range of projects are the best kinds of items. This one includes 30 hand explainer animations, 10 transition effects and so much more. It features a content browser making everything extremely easy to locate and piece together.

Social Media Kit

In the world of social media, it's so important to get your social marketing right and looking professional. This AE social media kit is the perfect tool for individuals or companies looking to promote their platforms with a modern, flat look.

Cinematic Title Sequence

The best types of title sequences are the ones that really grab your attention. This 3D looking text, created entirely inside After Effects with no plugins will leave you with a professional looking intro every time.

The Gallery

Elegant, classic and professional are just 3 words you could use to describe this slideshow video. 32 image / video placeholders makes it ideal for anyone wanting to show off a portfolio and the 28 editable text placeholders make describing your media effortless.

Action Titles

This powerful, cinematic title intro features 3D glossy looking chrome text without the need for any external software or plugins. The project has been divided into 5 separate scenes meaning you can make this trailer as long or short as you require.

3D Logo Maker

This huge collection of logo intro animations (50+) makes this AE template a must for anyone who animates on a regular basis. You can import your own logo and see it instantly turn 3D without the need for any extra work or plugins.

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