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10 Best After Effects Templates For YouTube Creators

10 Best After Effects Templates For YouTube Creators

10 Best After Effects Templates For YouTube Creators - Motionmile Blog

Best YouTube Intro Templates

Below we have chosen the 10 best Openers, Intros and other handy content all for the Youtubers out there! It’s important to make a first good impression upon your audience and potential new subscribers, and to do that you’ll need a few specific tools to help enhance each and every video.

Whether it be text, title sequences, lower thirds or the Introductory Opener at the top of your channel, everything you could need is in this list!

Glossy 3D Text

If you’re looking for a more simple and clean Intro or Opener but still want a very professional end product, then this is the perfect template for the job!

Using a variety of cinematic camera shots, each revealing more and more of your title, which is displayed in flawlessly realistic 3D. Including, glossy shine effects, and realistic shadows which brings your title to life.

Simply place your text or logo inside After Effects, pick and choose the shots you want and have your own professional Intro, Opener or even Title Sequence.


YouTube / Vimeo Promo

What I like about this template is that it can creatively display up to 20 different videos all inside of one! Perfect for giving your audience or new subscribers an insight into your channel and the videos you’re offering. With a couple of text placeholders and a final reveal scene, which shows all your videos at once flying past!

This is a very handy tool for Youtube Openers and in particular as the intro video at the top of your personal Channel.


Minimal Social Media Lower Thirds

A collection of minimal lower third animations. Don’t be fooled by the example video, you don’t just have to use these for social media URLs, they can be used for anything! Put them in your videos as title sequences, sub titles or introductory text, you can include any small image or icon, or simply remove this completely and have only the text.

A very handy tool not only for Youtube videos, but for any video where you’d like to promote your Social Media Platforms and Profiles.


Social Media Intro

One of our favourite Social Media based templates as it combines every aspect you need for the perfect Opener Video; the Social Media Logo, the URL, your profile name, a small image placeholder for your own photo or profile pic, and then finally, it creatively displays up to 21 different videos or images, giving your audience a taste for the content and style of your page.

Stick this video at the top of your Channel page and let it do all the work for you.


Clean Shape Logo Reveal

This is a short and clean intro template, perfect for opening your Youtube videos in a creative manner without dragging on. Including a variety of quick and colourful 2d shape animations, a text placeholder as well as 1 image placeholder for your very own logo or even profile pic.


Social Network Promo

This template provides you with some very useful content to insert into your own videos as a way of promoting your Social Media Profiles. Animated in a quick but modern way, everything you see is completely customizable.


Animated Social Media Animation Pack

This is a huge pack containing all of the most popular Social Media Icons animated in a very creative and illustrative style, along with the corresponding URL links underneath as well as a unique transition between each animation.

This is content which is perfect for advertising and promoting your social media profiles, stick one or as many as you want at the end of your videos for all the promotional help you need!


Social Media Logo Opener

This is another useful template for your Social Media Openers with a very modern style. Starting on a collage of videos and or images, which then transition out to reveal the social media platform and corresponding URL link.

We like how the template gives you the opportunity to demonstrate 12 of your own videos or images in a quick and well composed way, which helps to give a feel as to what your channel is all about without dragging on the length of the intro.

Everything is customizable; you can easily edit the template so it can be used as an Opener or Intro to any of your social media platforms.


Social Media Titles

Here we have a pack containing 18 of the most popular Social Media Icons along with their respective URL links, all of which are animated in 3 different styles of minimal and clean animation. Perfect for dropping into your videos as a way of promoting your other Social Media Profiles.

There is a lot of control in this template too, not only can you change the text and colour schemes, but you can also easily change the timings of the animation so you can speed it up or drag it out as much as you want!


Metal 3D Logo

Here is another very professional looking opener, using realistic 3d text with a metallic metal look, revealed sequentially with a variety of epic and cinematic camera angles. You can edit this text or even insert your own logo, which will in turn be transformed into 3D! A perfect Opener for your videos and channel especially if you’re seeking an epic or more professional feel.


Downloading These After Effects Templates

Each item has been priced individually, however, you can download all of these projects for FREE and gain access to everything across all marketplaces by becoming one of our Premium Members!

That's all for today, let us know in the comments section below which After Effects Template you found the most useful. We're always releasing new content, so check back regularly for more templates and tutorials.

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