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10 Best After Effects Tutorials - MotionMile

10 Best After Effects Tutorials - MotionMile

10 Best After Effects Tutorials - MotionMile - Motionmile Blog

Best After Effects Tutorials

With the abundance of After Effects tutorials and websites for tutorials and it can be somewhat overwhelming when deciding which tutorial to follow. As well as this, you never know if you’re going to get a practical tutorial which teaches you things rather than just leaving you aimlessly copying what’s on the screen in front of you.

Below we have composed a short list a high standard tutorials which provide you with professional and creative results whilst also teaching you a variety of neat tricks and tips to help improve your knowledge of the software. 

Cinematic Titles

This tutorial may be for the slightly more advanced, as you use both After Effects and Cinema 4D here. However, this is one of our most popular tutorials which results in an industry standard title sequence. One which is inspired by the likes of Hollywood Blockbuster movie intros. In this tutorial you’ll learn a bunch of different trademark movie intro elements, including: 3D text, lens flares and dynamic lighting.

The best thing about this tutorial is its unique method of manipulating the Optical Flares plugin and using it in a way you’ve probably never seen before. You will use the highly popular plug in to simulate clouds and lightening which results an epic and atmospheric scene. The Tutorial uses Element 3D for the text, however we've recreated a similar looking template where the text is made entirely inside After Effects without the need for that external plugin.



Kinetic Swinging Type

This is one of our quick tip tutorials. But don’t let the short running time fool you! You’ll learn some of the most beneficial text tricks in this tutorial. If you’re a fan of kinetic typography or just looking for a way of adding that little extra bit of creativity to your text then this technique will surely help.

You’ll learn how to produce the notion of swinging text by using a simple expression. And if you enjoy this, check out our other quick text tip tutorials for more kinetic typography effects.


80's Text

Here you will learn a whole host of retro inspired effects to give your work that highly sought after 1980’s makeover. Mainly focusing on a retro text, you’ll learn how to animate text in a variety of different ways, including dynamic glows and shine effects as well as realistic 3D text. Which brings me on to the tutorial’s most beneficial tip: the ability to create seemingly 3D text without using any external plug-ins or other software!

Perfect for multiple title sequences or intros with that vintage feel.


Neon City Lights

This is a comprehensive tutorial which teaches a variety of effects. You’ll begin by creating a seemingly 3D urban environment where the camera can animate around and still retain that 3D appearance. You’ll then begin to create a range of different neon lights, from animating shapes to your very own text.

Many of the skills you’ll learn here are transferable to any other project, it doesn’t have to be a night club scene it can be anything which requires a 3D setup or neon shapes and lights!


Distressed Titles

This is another professional appearing title sequence with a strong organic feel. Very different to what you usually see. Keeping the traditional 2d type yet linking each letter in a very unique way. You’ll learn how to create the write-on effect and link each character for your very own customized work. As well as some complex camera work; using depth and blur techniques to generate 3D space. Then, finally, you’ll learn how to create the geometric shapes in the background.

A bunch of techniques here that you can pick and choose to apply to your own projects.


Create Slideshow Collage

In this tutorial you will learn how to create and animate a mosaic photograph. Using only one image made of multiple photos of the very same image all of which presented in a very vintage and distressed polaroid style.

As well as discovering how to create the mosaic effect, you’ll also learn how to produce that worn out, distressed aesthetic whilst gaining some animation knowledge on how to create the effect of throwing or falling imagery onto a tabletop.


Create A Stickman

This is a very versatile tutorial, in that the possibilities of what you learn how to create are endless. In the video we teach you how to generate your very own stick men using only the simple shape tool. In no time at all you can have your own stick man in any position or performing any action you desire. Your creation could be used for a variety of different things like: promotional videos, demonstrations or even a collection of 2d icons.


Fractured HUD

Here we have we have a very clean yet artistic title sequence which combines camera techniques and a variety of particle animations. The theme revolves around a HUD display - which are very popular in the motion graphics world right now - whilst combining text and many other elements to generate a modern finished intro. You’ll learn some very helpful camera tricks to help produce depth and 3D space, as well as animating shapes and particle systems, and then finally, you can add some lens flares which are a staple in modern motion graphics.


Floating Objects

Here we have another very versatile tutorial. Providing you have the Trapcode Particular plug-in, you will learn how to create your own customized particle system, using whatever reference image you like. In this instance we are using flower heads, which results in a very abstract look.

This technique will provide you with endless possibilities and will surely make for a stunning backdrop for text and titles or even slideshows.


Animating Shapes

This is a quick and straightforward tutorial teaching you the basics of 2D shape animation. A style that is currently very popular and trendy in motion graphics. The techniques you will learn can be easily customized into what ever shape or design you like and can be used for countless different projects, from animating text, revealing logos or even just adding a little creative flare to your videos.


Watching These After Effects Tutorials

Most of our tutorials featured here are completely free and you don't need to sign up to watch them. Some are only available to Premium Members and you can even download the finished templates for those particular tutorial videos.

That's all for today, let us know in the comments section below which After Effects Tutorial you found the most useful. We're always releasing new content, so check back regularly for more templates and tutorials.

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