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10 Best After Effects Wedding Templates 2018

10 Best After Effects Wedding Templates 2018

10 Best After Effects Wedding Templates 2018 - Motionmile Blog

Below we have compiled a short list of the very best After Effects wedding templates. Whether that be photo slideshows, title sequences or animated text, this list should cater for all your wedding themed needs.

White Wedding Frames

This is one of our favourite slideshows as it presents your photography in a highly realistic style. Incorporating real life footage of photo frames scattered on the floor or stuck on a wall, and then with some technical editing, placeholders have been created within the footage so you can simply drop your photos into all of these photo frames., and have it seem as though this is your own footage.

With well over 100 placeholders and some very effective camera work you can have your very own professional wedding video or even an interactive photo album.


Dreamtime Parallax Slideshow

If you’re after a photo slideshow but one which completely stands out from the rest, this is the template for you. This slideshow brings your photos to life in a way which is so creative and so immersive it could almost be as if you’re watching the video!

The parallax tricks utilized here separate your photographs into layers, bringing depth to an otherwise flat photo. You find yourself moving throughout all of your pictures and with the addition of titles and subtle light leaks you become captured by this spectacle of a slideshow.


Wedding Titles V2

Heres a very useful template which is perfect for any videographer out there, especially in the wedding industry. A huge pack of 20 unique insignias or well composed text designs with which you can do absolutely anything! Use them as intros to your wedding videos, titles in your videos or even use them in your 2d design work, such as the photo album or DVD cover.

This is a great asset for anyone working in this sector, not only videography but photography and designers too.


Beautiful Wedding

This slideshow gives the impression of an interactive or virtual photo album. See over 20 different polaroid style pictures float past, as you move throughout a 3D field of made up of your favourite wedding photos.

Combining some professional camera techniques with subtle flower petal particles and colourful light leaks; make for a very cinematic slideshow catered perfectly for photography videos.


Wedding Day

This After Effects wedding template is a romantic slideshow with a twist. It features a range of polaroids in a variety of layouts and includes animated light leak effects and butterflies. This beautiful slideshow is guaranteed to impress your viewers and offers a nice change from the norm.


First Love Gallery

Put your content at centre stage with this incredible slideshow portfolio template. It's perfect for any wedding slideshow, as well as general romantic projects (valentines, anniversaries etc...) This AE template features parallax and particle effects that will catch your audiences attention and keep hold of it throughout.



Express your feelings with this great, romantic slideshow presentation. Slideshows can be incredibly predictable, but adding something as simple as fiery, glowing particles can really set yours apart from the rest. Hold onto your memories forever with this stunning, professional video template. 


Elegant Memories

Elegant Memories is one of our most popular wedding slideshow templates, and has even been featured on Say Yes To The Dress UK TV show and Don't Tell The Bride TV show. If it's good enough for TV, it will definitely suit a range of both professional and personal slideshow projects. 


Dream Gallery

If you like the idea of your wedding photos being displayed within a photo album or as photographs then here’s another template perfect for just that. Using more of a minimal approach compared to the previous example, with the camera slowly tracking side to side and up and down across various pages of your wedding photo album. Over 25 placeholders are included with minimum animation so not to distract from your photos.


Film Strip Memories

Finally, here's a more generic slideshow that can be used for weddings and an assortment of other projects. This AE file offers you a unique, film reel style animation that includes light bursts, bokeh particles and a range of depth throughout.


Downloading These After Effects Templates

Each item has been priced individually, however you can download all of these projects for FREE and gain access to everything across all marketplaces by becoming one of our Premium Members!

That's all for today, let us know in the comments section below which After Effects Template you found the most useful. We're always releasing new content, so check back regularly for more templates and tutorials.

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