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10 Most Useful After Effects Templates

10 Most Useful After Effects Templates

10 Most Useful After Effects Templates - Motionmile Blog

Most Useful After Effects Templates

Below we've compiled a list of After Effects Templates that we feel are incredibly useful. These incredibly useful Templates were handpicked by our team for their versatility and professional qualities. These items are incredibly flexible in what they can be used for and they'll complement a huge variety of projects.

Cinematic Title Sequence

One of the most popular title sequences on our site. Featuring editable 3D text and a hyper realistic animated cloud backdrop. This is a perfect template for adding that Cinematic Movie type vibe to your videos. But make sure you have the popular Plug-In ‘Optical Flares’.


Callout Pack

This template includes 50 unique Call Out titles and text animations. Call Out titles are a modern way of attaching text to objects in your motion graphics work. Perfect for pointing out specific points in your videos or included a lot of information in a creative style.

To get the best out of Call Out titles you can motion track the point in which you want to highlight in you footage, attach the title to that point and then see the title move corresponding to the movement in your footage.


Glossy 3D Text

This is a very professional looking template which transforms your own text or logos into a realistic 3D version, without any additional plug-ins. Whether you’re wanting a high standard logo intro or just some realistic 3D text this template is perfect. Incorporating a variety of well shot camera angles, glossy reflections and matching shadows, your end result will always look as realistic as possible.


50 Modern Lower Thirds

An incredibly useful pack, 50 different animated lower thirds each with their own unique design, which is completely editable. Lower Thirds are somewhat multi purpose elements, meaning you can use them for logo intros, title sequences, or remove the graphics and simply use just the animated text. Another interesting feature seen within this pack is that many of the designs include space for your logo graphic or symbol to sit along side accompanying text.


50 Typography Titles

A very original pack, which contains 50 uniquely designed, animated and composed titles and kinetic text. The possibilities are endless with this pack, the text can be used for intros, titles sequences or even as sub titles within slideshows, promos or corporate videos. Simply edit the text, drag it over your content and instantly add a creative spark to your end result.


Glitch Transitions Pack

If your video project is in need of a fresh and modern makeover, then this Glitch Transition Pack will certainly do the trick. A variety of technical glitch transitions to help really bring your edit to life. Evoking a sense of degraded or corrupted footage using a range of digital effects.

What sets this apart from other transition packs, is that all of the different FX included actually utilize your own content, to make a far more unique, authentic and technical end result. Instead of generic stock footage simply being overlaid. 


Creative Photo Gallery

There are a ton of different slideshows on our site, some more elaborate and creative than others, this slideshow may be lacking in these areas, but what it does have; is a multi purpose subject matter due to its clean and minimal design. Meaning this slideshow can be used to display your own photo album or even used to promote products in a corporate video.

Over 50 photos can be included into this template, all of which are presented in a slick and modern animated style, which could be applied to almost any theme.


Animated Social Media Icon Pack

In an age where Social Media is one of the most important aspects of life, a pack containing a variety of well designed social media elements and animations would be very useful. And this pack is exactly that.

Included in this pack:

All of the most popular Social Media icons animated in a clean and minimal style along with their corresponding URL text links, which can be inserted into the closing stages of your video to reveal all of your relevant profiles.

A variety of uniquely designed lower thirds that can be overlayed onto your footage.

And finally, a variety of devices that can be used to demonstrate access onto your social media platforms, all of which are created in a consistent minimal style so all elements could be used together.


130 Shape Elements

A huge pack of well over 100 animated shapes, transitions and text animations. There are so many uses for this pack, intended to help add some creative flair to any video project no matter what the theme!

Combine some shape elements with your logo intro or title sequences to add more detail and complexity. Then make use of the creative transitions to move from one scene to another in a unique way. And finally, incorporate some of the animated text effects into any project as subtitles or lower thirds, to help boost the visual appeal of your project.


Flat Infographics Pack

This pack is great if you’re in need of some visual representation or image association within your project. A range of different icons, scenes, infographics, transitions and devices all created in a flat 2D style and animated in a clean and minimal way. Perfect for adding some creativity to your promotional or corporate videos and help keep your audience’s attention, whilst also helping to highlight different messages through use of visual imagery.


Downloading These After Effects Templates

Each item has been priced individually, however, you can download all of these projects for FREE and gain access to everything across all marketplaces by becoming one of our Premium Members!

That's all for today, let us know in the comments section below which After Effects Template you found the most useful. We're always releasing new content, so check back regularly for more templates and tutorials.

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