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10 Most Useful Premiere Pro Templates

10 Most Useful Premiere Pro Templates

10 Most Useful Premiere Pro Templates - Motionmile Blog

Most Useful Premiere Pro Templates

Below you will find our list of the best and most useful Premiere Pro templates available here. Perfect for all of the editors out there or even the people who aren’t too keen on using After Effects project files.

Minimal Corporate

This is a corporate themed slideshow template which contains lots of animated elements such as light leaks, text, placeholders, and a variety of shapes but whilst managing to keep the overall look very minimal. Designed in a way, which can be applied to almost any subject matter, this slideshow will surely impress any and all clients.


Double Exposure Opener

One of our top Premiere Pro templates. Including a very technical technique which has recently seen a surge of use within modern film and media, the double exposure effect. Allowing the user to combine two elements, whether that be still imagery or footage, together in a very inventive way. You can promote your chosen theme expertly here in one of the most creative templates available where al the hard work is done for you. The template also finishes nicely upon text or a logo of your own.


Dynamic Creative Slideshow

If you’re looking to modernize your edit and jam pack it full of creative and dynamic cuts, this is the template for you. Providing a huge amount of unique cuts and transitions as well as overlaid elements all of which help to upgrade and update your project.


Ink Freeze Frame

This project makes use of a very popular theme seen in contemporary editing and even used as title sequences in popular movies. The freeze frame effect, which helps isolate or promote a specific section of your footage in an artistic way. All of the hard work is done for you, simply drop in your footage and time it up to take advantage of this highly creative effect. Accompanied with some advanced cuts, overlaid elements, lens flares and light leaks as well as creative titles.


Modern Creative Slideshow

This template is based around a film reel theme, with strips of your footage or photos moving quickly across frame. Perfect for any quick photo slideshow where you simply want to add some creativity.


History Slideshow Video

A very unique template, which makes use of an ink bleed or ink reveal style effect. Each scene is very well composed, with text, titles and multiple placeholders some of which are partially revealed to invoke an artist feel. All of which is presented on a textured background with overlaid light leaks. This is a very well designed template which will promote your project in a professional and creative way.


30 Simple Titles

A very useful template which is somewhat different to the rest. Including 30 uniquely designed and animated titles that can be incorporated into any of your video projects. Whether that be sub-titles, title sequences, logos, intros or lower thirds. These text elements can be easily edited and applied to any project.


Beautiful Slideshow

This template includes a number of professional and complex effects, including the use of elegant smoke and ink shapes which act as a track matte to reveal and transition between your footage or imagery, and then the use of photo cards and polaroid placeholders to present your own content. This is a highly creative and artistic template which is sure to grab your viewers’ attention.


Bolt And Minimal

A very modern and clean template, which is perfect for promotional use. Incorporating well composed scenes, with good use of typography and subtle animation throughout, this is a template for users who want to promote, present or advertise any project in a minimal yet creatively designed style.


Call Out Single Text Line

Another very useful project. Containing a variety of unique graphics known throughout the video editing industry as call out graphics. Very handy elements which can be applied to any project as a creative and professional way of highlighting specific points of your footage or even as subtitles for scenes.


Downloading These Premiere Pro Templates

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That's all for today, let us know in the comments section below which Premiere Pro Template you found the most useful. We're always releasing new content, so check back regularly for more templates and tutorials.

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