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10 Weird After Effects Templates 2018

10 Weird After Effects Templates 2018

10 Weird After Effects Templates 2018 - Motionmile Blog

10 Weird After Effects Templates

Here is a pick of our most weird and unusual After Effects templates. What we mean by this is; After Effects templates which may not be the most practical or useful tool for the majority of users, but they have their own unique charm and are still of a very high standard. Templates which you may not be able to apply to specific work, but you could instead, potentially build a new project around.

The Fusion

Our first pick, is this very professional intro template. Using a variety of technical and highly detailed 3D backgrounds which have all been pre-rendered for your convenience, combined with subtle text animations makes for a very cinematic title sequence style template.

Multiple backgrounds consisting of 3d particle systems, light rays and depth of field effects, which form some very organic patterns and shapes. As well as this, there is also a 3d render of the earth seen from space, which is lit up by our planet’s light at night time. A shot that is very reminiscent of the classic Universal Studios intro.

All of these advanced background animations will help to boost the professionalism of your project and set a good tone for what ever follows them.


Fire Spin

Another highly professional intro based template. Although this is a very subjective themed intro, you can’t doubt the quality or execution of the effects seen here. With realistic fire and explosion FX, a unique title reveal and a placeholder for your very own logo which glows with intense heat. This is a very effective template, which is expertly created and sure to produce a very impressive reaction from your target audience.


Ink Double Exposure

A very artistic slideshow based after effects template. The unique aspect of this template is the double exposure effect, a popular effect used within modern motion graphics. Your content is revealed within a variety of ink bleeds/ spills, which makes for a very creative yet professionally designed composition.

Boasting a large range of image or video placeholders as well as some very subtle animated text placeholders this is surely one slideshow that will catch the eye of your audience. Just make sure you have a product or project that suits the very creative and arty theme on display her.


3D Neon Sign

This template imitates a very popular style and effect being used in modern motion graphics; the retro style neon lights. Two different scenes are available, each containing 3D neon light bulb signs, incorporating advanced camera movement and depth of field helps create a realistic lighting effect. Everything you see is editable and this can be used in a variety of different ways. Either as an intro or title sequence, composited within some footage or even exported as an image file to become your very own logo. What ever you use it for, it will surely help promote a retro or nightlife theme.


Above The Stars

A very cinematic template that includes a range of unique, sci-fi inspired backgrounds. These are complex animated backgrounds, including a variety of particles, stars and energy fields all of which help to create a very authentic space environment. You will then find an assortment of animated titles which you can pick and choose from to insert where you want in the animation.

The author has demonstrated this template’s use in the form of film credits. But you could edit this in any way you want, to perhaps create an intro or title sequence, or even use the animated backgrounds as a backdrop to another project.


Cinematic Particle Logo Reveal

This is quick intro perfect for your logos or even intro stings before your video projects. Just make sure the theme of this template suits your project. Incorporating a range of different particles and smoke which eventually builds into a burst of energy, finally revealing your own logo. It’s a loud, flashy and action packed logo reveal which if used alongside the right project is sure to grab your audience’s attention whilst giving them an indication of what’s to come!


Fire Titles

A very stylized title sequence template. We love the effect used in this template, as the camera flies through 3D space, in and out of freeze frame style fire and flames, with multiple titles animating in fragments. It appears as though the flames are depicted in slow motion whilst we move in real time through the action.

It’s a very visually appealing template which is sure to grab your audience’s attention, but probably not capable of being applied to any project given it's strongly subjective content. However, if you have a particular project with an edgy, evil or extreme subject matter, then this template will capture the essence of your subject perfectly. We’re thinking along the lines on a heavy metal intro or lyric video!


Connecting Titles

Another unique title sequence based template. Promoting a dark, creepy and horror filled theme. The main feature and effect utilized here are these organic, web like elements which link each character together as they grow slowly.

The title is completely editable, so you can create your own title and even change the font and the growing effect will still remain.

It’s a minimal yet effective title sequence that immediately instills the theme of your project into your audience’s mind. The small problem is finding the suitable project in which this dark and eerie theme best represents.


Modern Style Opener

Not just your average Photo or Video Slideshow. Each placeholder is revealed in a highly creative and abstract style, consisting of multiple layers of octagon shapes in a 3D tunnel, which creates an interesting depth of field. This unique and elaborate effect brings your photos to life and makes for a very immersive slideshow.


Retro Promo

This After Effects Project File is great for those of you wanting to promote a product, video, company or even as a cool editing style to improve your showreel. It’s retro themed, and contains a large number of image/ footage and text placeholders. It certainly has its own unique styling and charm that will suit only a specific style of video promo.


Downloading These After Effects Templates

Each item has been priced individually, however, you can download all of these projects for FREE and gain access to everything across all marketplaces by becoming one of our Premium Members!

That's all for today, let us know in the comments section below which After Effects Template you found the most useful. We're always releasing new content, so check back regularly for more templates and tutorials.

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