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50,000 Amazing Members!

50,000 Amazing Members!

50,000 Amazing Members! - Motionmile Blog

Thank you MotionMile Members

Today's the day we celebrate hitting an astonishing 50,000 Members!

This is a huge milestone for us and it's great to see the community growing on a monthly basis.

Our site has helped novice and experienced designers alike complete their briefs in a fraction of the time and we love seeing how the templates/tutorials are adapted into real projects.

We're expanding

Having recently launched ImageMile we've started to welcome people with different needs to our community and it's great to know the expansion doesn't end there. In the future we aim to offer a huge range content that we think our members will find useful.

For now though, all we can say is a HUGE thanks to every one of you using the site (especially our Premium / Elite Members who support the continued content development)

Our aim has always been to make professional affordable templates that you'll love using in your work.

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