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Photoshop Tutorial - Batch Editing

Photoshop Tutorial - Batch Editing

Photoshop Tutorial - Batch Editing - Motionmile Blog

Photoshop Tutorial Description:

Have you ever taken a bunch of photos and applied a nice set of colour corrections for one of them, but then procedurally applied the same colour correction one image at a time to the rest of them? Or wanted to add your own logo or watermark to a set of promotional images?

With this technique you can now do all of this but much faster and with much less work!

Using a Record Action feature, you can record yourself making the changes to the first image until you’re happy, and then use the Recorded Action as a script, meaning Photoshop will then do the same work to all your remaining photographs. If you add Save settings to your initial action, Photoshop will also Save the changes to the rest of your images too… Which is nice!

This Photoshop Tutorial is in 720p High Definition.

Photoshop Tutorial Features:

  • Photoshop Tutorial Length: 03:39
  • Batch Editing of Photos
  • Use Photoshop to Batch Watermark Images

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