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Advice For Purchasing After Effects Templates

Advice For Purchasing After Effects Templates

Advice For Purchasing After Effects Templates - Motionmile Blog

Anyone who is clued up on animating and compositing will have heard of, and probably used, Adobe After Effects. A popular and highly powerful tool in the video industry, AE can be confusing and complex if you are unfamiliar with its many tools. There is no need to be a professional editor to use it effectively, as there are thousands of After Effects templates out there that are designed for even the most novice editor to get to grips with. A well-made and high quality After Effects template makes it easy for beginners to create beautiful videos. As there are such a range of templates available, it is important to know what to look for before choosing which to purchase. Here is our advice for purchasing After Effects templates:

Know What’s Included

A good project will be made up of a lot of different elements including fonts, stock photography and sounds effects. Check exactly what is included in the package when you purchase the template. In some cases, you may have to pay extra for the stock images or music, so be sure to understand any additional charges that may incur to get the full template. When it comes to fonts, if free fonts are used, they may be included in the package, or you may be provided with a link to download and install them yourself. If paid fonts are used then it is likely that they will not be included, you may be given details of where the font can be purchased from in addition to the template itself. When you purchase an After Effects template and open it for the first time, the software will search for all the included files and alert you if anything is missing. If you have got elements of the template missing, be sure to contact the template provider. You can search for any missing elements using the project search box, simply type ‘missing fonts’ or ‘missing images’ to see what is not there.

Check For Organisation

A large project could have many compositions, layers and other elements that can look confusing for the inexperienced user. A good template will have good organisation and simple instructions. It should be clear how you adjust colours, text and other content. Templates are designed to make creating a beautiful After Effects video easy and quick, so the last thing you want is to spend hours trying to navigate around hundreds of layers and various compositions. If you have purchased a template that is disorganised and complicated, contact the provider for some help on using the template effectively or ask them to clean it up to make it more straightforward for you.

Understand Legacy Versions

Adobe are great for regularly introducing new features and FX for After Effects, however this does mean that they release a new update every year. Issues arise as not everyone wants to update their software every single time, and a lot of editors are still using older versions. If a project has been saved in a newer version, it cannot then be opened in an old version. When choosing which After Effects templates to buy, keep this in mind and look for templates that are either saved in your version or an older one. Never buy a template that is saved in a newer version than you are running as it will not work.

Ask About Pre-Renders

Some After Effects Templates will be simplified using pre-rendering. This means that there are less layers to reduce confusion and eliminate the chance of errors being made when editing. As well as making the templates easier to understand, pre-rendering will also cut down on render time when building your project. The downside to pre-rendering in templates is that there is far less flexibility to edit certain elements of the project. If there are specific aspects of the file that you want to edit yourself, then contact the producer and find out what has been pre-rendered and what hasn’t.

If you are new to AE / Motion Graphics and looking to learn new skills and expand your knowledge, or a seasoned editor wanting to save some time on your video projects, then free templates are a great choice. They can be used to avoid the confusing elements of After Effects for newbies who are still learning the ropes and will save loads of time on creating everything from scratch. As there are so many options out there for After Effects templates, it is vital that you properly understand exactly what you are paying for when you purchase a template and what will be included in the package.

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