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After Effects Tutorial - Floating Objects

After Effects Tutorial - Floating Objects

After Effects Tutorial Description:

In this new After Effects tutorial, Mackenzie will be teaching you how to create an eye catching abstract design using stock imagery and Trapcode Particular. The techniques taught throughout this tutorial can easily be applied to a wide variety of styles, such as company logos, text and a bunch of photo ideas.

Once you’ve completed the tutorial you can simply replace the flowers or your chosen objects at a later date, completely changing the design without having to re-create it.

The tutorial will also teach you how to:

  • Add various types of lighting, which helps to generate a soft and realistic look.
  • Add camera animation and depth of field, recreating those classic macro shots.
  • Colour Correct using a cool trick (CC Composite).
  • Include a stylised vignette.

After Effects Tutorial Features

  • Created using After Effects
  • Duration - 20:39
  • Trapcode Particular
  • Transferable techniques
  • Various Types of Lighting
  • 3D Looking Depth

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