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After Effects Tutorial - Rack Focus Titles

After Effects Tutorial - Rack Focus Titles

After Effects Tutorial Description:

In this new After Effects tutorial, Mackenzie will be teaching you how to create a vintage looking intro title sequence. During the tutorial, you will learn how to reposition layers creating a 3D environment, and using shadows and blending modes you will achieve 3D looking engraved text.

The tutorial will also teach you how to achieve a cinematic looking camera style, through the use of anamorphic lens effects, lighting and additional film grain (default plugins). Finally the use of depth of field and a simple camera movement will give you a real eye catching and alternative design.

After Effects Tutorial Features:

  • Created using After Effects
  • Duration – 21:23
  • No Additional Plugins
  • Anamorphic Camera Style
  • Film Grain Effect and Depth of Field
  • 3D Looking Text and Environment

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