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After Effects Tutorial - Shine Title Sequence

After Effects Tutorial - Shine Title Sequence

After Effects Tutorial Description:

In this After Effects Tutorial, Mackenzie teaches you how to create a brilliant looking title sequence which revolves around a glowing lava theme.

During the tutorial you will learn how to get the most out of colours by increasing the depth to 32bpc, and you’ll create an interesting abstract background using Shatter and Bevel effects.

The molten lava will be created using Turbulent Displace and glow effects, which will generate the impression of movement and intensity within the lava.

A text placeholder will be implemented through the use of Track Mattes that will make the text appear to be see through, however by using a variety of light ray effects the emphasis won’t be lost and the title will remain the focal point to the design.

After Effects Tutorial Features

  • Created using After Effects
  • Duration – 24:50
  • No Additional Plugins
  • Abstract BG with Shatter and Bevel
  • Animated Lava with Turbulent Displacement & Glow Effects
  • Text Placeholder using Track Mattes & Light Rays

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