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After Effects Tutorial - Whip Pan

After Effects Tutorial - Whip Pan

After Effects Tutorial Description:

A Whip Pan is a technique where by two separate shots are animated in a fashion to make them look like one continuous camera shot.

The idea is to lock the tripod tilt function off and film a shot, then pan to the left or right (or both if you’re crazy enough) and film another shot. This is a good way to add characters (such as a police squad) to a shot if your budget is low and you want to duplicate your actor as a few different characters.

The technique is very simple in post production (the tutorial) and requires only a few keyframes and a bit of motion blur.

I hope this idea helps a few beginners and maybe the technique in itself is more useful than what you learn from this tutorial.

The After Effects Tutorial is in 720p High Definition.

After Effects Tutorial Features:

  • After Effects Tutorial Length: 05:06
  • Animate a Camera in a Whip Pan Motion
  • Learn how to duplicate actors

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