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Best Handwritten Fonts for Motion Design

Best Handwritten Fonts for Motion Design

Best Handwritten Fonts for Motion Design - Motionmile Blog

When creating a new motion design project, you will often need a beautiful handwritten font for various reasons. Handwritten fonts are perfect for creating different effects and finishes in videos, whether it’s for a chalkboard text in the background, or a cute note written by a child in your story line. Handwritten fonts don’t just refer to one style of typography, instead they come in a variety of executions. Usually based on freeform illustrations, they are similar to cursive fonts but have fewer constraints. Handwritten fonts have been growing in popularity in recent years, especially in motion design. Here are some of the best handwritten fonts for motion design:

Something Wild

This authentic handwritten font is perfect for adding a splash of personality to your design projects. The free hand paint effect is unique and individual; combine with a beautiful title sequence for a stunning addition to your motion design. Something Wild can be downloaded here from pixelbuddha.

Over The Rainbow

Designed by Kimberly Geswin, this sweet handwriting style will add an upbeat finish to any project. The letters are nearly connected but don’t quite make a full script font. This light-hearted font is available on Google Fonts here.

Clare Hand

This bold, fun and friendly font was designed by Australian-based design agency Team Scope and it is available to download on behance here. Featuring free hand uppercase lettering, this typography will add something unique to your motion design. Every letter is available in two different weights, so you can find a style that works best for you.


An amazing handwritten font for motion design, Mightype is completely free for both personal and commercial use. The stunning script design will add a floral and gentle free hand finish to your project, it can be downloaded for free here on behance.


This playful handwriting font from Missy Meyer is perfect for adding an authentic, handmade feel to your motion design projects. The free hand typography is free to use for both personal and commercial use and can be downloaded here.

Halo Handletter

Developed by graphic designer Mario Arturo, this elegant hand writing font is a perfect script design. Arturo specialises in fancy and script designs and has produced over 20 beautiful fonts. It is free to download here for free but is for non-commercial use only.


Calligraffiti covers both genres of handwriting fonts and calligraphy fonts and creates an elegant and simple finish for your motion design projects. The single-weight font is free of charge and designed by Open Window, you can download it here on font squirrel.

Amatic SC

This font is quirky and perfectly suited to playful and fun design projects. The lettering is narrow and condensed, and only includes uppercase letters in both regular and bold styles. Designed by typographer Vernon Adams, this free handwritten font can be downloaded from here.

Scribulous Scrawlin’

Designed by Alphabeta85, this chalk style free handwriting font is the perfect addition to an upbeat and relaxed motion design project. It is available in both uppercase and lowercase, as well as numbers, symbols and punctuation. It can be downloaded here for personal work.


A heavy duty, scribbled font that consists of only capital letters; this font will stand out in your projects and is perfect for bold motion design. Designed by Blambot fonts, Fatstack includes some numbers and punctuation in the free package that can be downloaded here.


Claire Jones created this simple lettering from her own handwriting. It is clean cut and unique and includes both uppercase and lowercase letters. Free to use for personal and non-profit project, but if you do want to use it commercially you can contact the designer who many ask for a small contribution. Download Billy for free on behance here.

Happy Fox

A collaborative effort between Fran Llull and illustrator Laura Caldentey, this Happy Fox font design is playful and unique. The thin font has been hand drawn and includes a selection of glyphs as well as the lettering. Happy Fox can be downloaded for free here.

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