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Cinema 4D Tutorial - Extrude Photoshop Logo In C4D

Cinema 4D Tutorial - Extrude Photoshop Logo In C4D

Cinema 4D Tutorial Description:

In this Cinema 4D Tutorial, Mackenzie teaches you how to turn your Photoshop logo into a 3D extruded render using Cinema 4D. The final touches are done in After Effects however this is just to improve the overall look and isn’t a requirement for those of you wanting to learn how to turn your logo 3D.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to select / trace your logo in various different ways using Photoshop, and you will then save and export the workable path as an illustrator file (you don’t need illustrator).

When you enter Cinema 4D, Mackenzie will show you how to properly import and merge your illustrator files before showing you how to extrude each segment of the logo in 3D.

Once 3D, you will add some stylish bevelled edges to your logo using the ‘fillet caps’ option before learning a basic animation technique to add some movement to the design.

The most comprehensive part of the tutorial details how to add some soft shadows through the use of well positioned lights and you learn how to apply ‘ambient occlusion’ that allows for more realism.

Throughout the tutorial you will learn how to setup the project and render settings, as well as experiment with a variety of different colour combinations and the final render will be exported as a TIFF sequence before being imported into After Effects to add the final touches.

If you’re rendering your final movie out of Cinema 4D instead of After Effects, you’re better off selecting a quicktime render instead of an image sequence.

Cinema 4D Tutorial Features

  • Created using After Effects
  • Duration – 36:57
  • No Plugins Required
  • Extrude Logo Path to 3D Object
  • Setup Soft Lighting and Shadows
  • Easily Customisable

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