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Create Motion Graphics That Make You 'Stand Out'

Create Motion Graphics That Make You 'Stand Out'

Create Motion Graphics That Make You 'Stand Out' - Motionmile Blog

If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

Yes this quote came from none other than the genius Walt Disney himself. This is the first and the most important point to create Motion Graphics that will make you stand out. Keep dreaming about different ideas & try implementing them in your work. You might not be always happy with the results, but its important to try those ideas to know if it works or not.

Research, Research, Research

You read it right, ‘RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH’. Every now & then, there are new trends coming up in the field of motion graphics, world wide. No better tool than the Internet to explore and to be updated in this field. It is vital to understand what the current trends are in the market, if you do not want to be left out. So the impact is big, if you are not updating yourself. For example: When the Video Copilot’s ‘Optical Flares‘ was released, almost every second project was created using ‘Optical Flares‘. Recently everyone is experimenting with ‘Element 3D‘. So whenever a new product is launched, you will find people incorporating it in their projects and creating something new with it.

Stay Hungry

Look out for tutorials on websites on various softwares & techniques. There are numerous websites which teaches motion graphics. It is important to keep learning about new styles, tips & tricks, plug ins, design, typography, animation, stop motion & colors. No matter how experienced you are, or an amateur in this field, there is always something to learn from these tutorials. Few of my favourite websites on motion graphics are Aetuts+, Video Copilot, Motionworks (for After Effects) & grayscalegorilla (for Cinema 4D). You can also search for tutorials on YouTube.

Be Original

With so many resources to learn on the internet, it is very easy to copy from other people’s work & tutorials. There is a very fine line between copying a work & getting inspired from it. It’s absolutely fine to get inspired from someone’s work. I would also strongly recommend to refrain from copying tutorials. Learn the techniques from tutorials & create your own piece of work using that technique. Avoid downloading project files of tutorials and modifying it to call it as your own creation, as it won’t help you in the long run.

Get Inspired: Inspiration comes in various forms. It can be in the form of a photograph, graphic design, movie, music, nature, painting and the list can be endless. Keep absorbing from whatever you can see, hear or feel. Follow creative people on their Websites/ Blogs/ Behance / Twitter and get inspired. If possible have some role models whose works inspire you.

Stay Foolish

When in doubt about any technique, style or anything related to motion graphics, feel free to ask questions. No question is a bad question. One can ask for help on various forums (Creative Cow & Adobe After Effects Community), or ask a Motion Graphics Designer about how he achieved the final look. Its a very helpful world out there. Many people who are well experienced are happy to share their workflow and breakdowns if you ask them. No one knows everything. We all are exploring and learning new things everyday. Keep sharing your knowledge and also keep learning from others. Its like a give and take relationship, within the community. It will not only help you grow as a professional, but will also help you expand your network as you interact with new people from world over.

Challenge Yourself

Try creating something which you have never created before, but always wished you had done a particular type of work. Or try creating a project without using any 3rd party plugins. Challenge yourself. Keep thinking ‘Out Of The Box’. You must have read & heard this term called ‘Out Of The Box’ countless times by now. What is ‘Out Of The Box’? I would say just try not to repeat yourself. Do not get stuck to a particular style of design or animation. Keep trying new techniques. If you get many likes on one of your projects, that’s good. But many a times we, as ‘Motion Graphics Designers’, tend to follow the same style as it is easy to repeat ourselves believing that it got many likes. In fact it is important to surprise our clients, friends, colleagues by designing something which you never had tried before. Challenging your limits & competing with yourself is the only best way to grow as a successful Motion Graphics Designer.

Get Started

On the music, Run your program & Get Started. I enjoy working with music playing in the background, as it helps me avoid from falling asleep at times when I am working non-stop for hours. Please share the links for your latest motion graphics work below. We’d love to see, learn and appreciate the work of all passionate designers. Good Luck !!

[P.S. : A sincere request to all the people out there on my behalf. Please use the family of ‘Lens Flare’ & ‘Light Sweep’ plug ins, judiciously & only if essentially required. The reason being, these plug ins are ‘BOMBARDED’ in most of the projects and showreels all over the internet, and won’t help you stand out from the rest.]

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