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Free After Effects Templates vs Premium

Free After Effects Templates vs Premium

Free After Effects Templates vs Premium - Motionmile Blog

Free & Premium After Effects Templates

This may seem like an obvious or self-explanatory article, but there may just be more here than meets the eye…

Now, free After Effects templates will be of a lower standard than your premium templates yes, but due to this, the template will prove to be an even greater starting point for beginners. The simplicity of the template will be easier for the user to digest and to pick up useful tips and tricks.

Another benefit of free AE templates, especially with paying membership based marketplaces like, is that you can use these as a tester for how the site works, the layout of the templates, and most importantly how easy the whole process of downloading the template actually is. Then, if you were happy with the simple transaction you can go ahead and enjoy the benefits of a premium membership!

If you’re someone who wants to learn a little bit of the basics or a specific technique but you just cant sit through a long drawn out tutorial. Then, free After Effects templates are the answer! Another fantastic method in helping you learn quickly and cheaply.

If you consider yourself more of an intermediate to advanced user, then premium After Effects templates are the way to go due to their higher standards and professional suitability. On top of this and if required, a marketplace like MotionMile often includes a simple guide, written tutorial or even video tutorial depending on the complexity of the project on offer. Alternatively our team (and our authors) offer support via email if you’re struggling with anything within the project. Most of the time our templates are setup in such a way that quickly editing and adding your own media / text is a quick and effortless job, but it's nice to know there's someone there to support you should you get stuck!

Finally, another brilliant feature of a Premium Template membership marketplace like our own, is that new content is added weekly! So it's a nice surprise when something new pops up that's useful to you. And bare in mind you've already paid for your membership, so all the incoming content is essentially a free bonus to you!

If you'd like to find out more about anything relating to this article, please feel free to contact us at or alternatively browse the site and have a look at what's on offer. There's plenty to enjoy!

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