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Get The Dream Job You Always Wanted

Get The Dream Job You Always Wanted

Get The Dream Job You Always Wanted - Motionmile Blog

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There are millions of people around us who wished they could get a better job, which can lead to a successful and happier life. If you are reading this blog, chances are you are either unhappy with your current job or you are unemployed. So to make you feel good, you are not alone in this boat. There is no harm in being dissatisfied with your job or being unemployed. The positive is that you know that you are unhappy with your job and you’re looking for change. You can get your ‘Dream Job’ when your goals are clear and you know how to achieve them. In this article I will share some tips which helped me get my dream job. Being a Motion Graphics Designer myself, most of the points below come from that aspect, but it can be also applied to other fields as well.

Reason: It is very important to understand why you need to change jobs and what you’re looking for in your dream job. Start by listing out all the possible reasons for quitting your current job and your wishes for the next dream job. Each one of us can have different reasons, such as better pay, better work environment, better work profile, good work-life balance, better learning opportunities, and last but not the least a better boss. Once you’re done listing out the reasons, try searching for solutions within the organisation which interests you. If you are unhappy with your work environment or there’s too much stress that’s started affecting you – try speaking with your department head. If that solves your problem, you don’t need to change your job, as switching jobs frequently would impact negatively on your resume and future prospects.

Start Hunting: The next step is to start looking for a new job. Make a list of companies which interest you. Look on their websites / LinkedIn pages for any openings in your field. There are plenty of sites which can be helpful, such as Motionographer, Behance and LinkedIn. Look at the job description very carefully and only apply if it excites you. Never take a job blindly, just because the organization is famous. Do research about the nature of work they do, work environment, and any other benefits on offer.

Gear Up: Okay… You have decided to switch jobs, and you’ve made a list of organizations that interest you. But hold on, just like you there will be plenty of others fighting for that dream job. So to stand out from the crowd & get an interview with that company, you will need to create a resume that emphasises your qualities and skills, along with a mind blowing showreel. The resume should be brief and to the point with all the important facts and your showreel should be no longer than 2-3 minutes with all you best work in the first 30 seconds. The reason is that the hiring managers usually have hundreds of resumes and showreels to go through.

Show-time: So after all the efforts, you finally get the interview call. Make sure you are well prepared for it. Be well dressed, ever so slightly early for the interview and be confident. A little bit of nervousness is fine. In the interview explain to the interviewer why you want to work there and why it means so much to you. Also at the same time do not endorse in any kind of negative publicity for your current or ex-organization. For example if you had a terrible boss, you can say that the current job is no longer challenging and you want to expand your knowledge – You’re passionate to learn. Explain what you liked about the previous organisation / job and what you’ve learned. Make sure to never lie about any skills or achievements you don’t possess. You can talk yourself up and perhaps bend the truth a little, but you’ll quickly be found out if you go overboard.

Be Positive: Once the interview is over, you may not hear any response from that company. If that happens, chances are somebody else clinched that role. Its absolutely normal to be rejected. Take it as a learning experience and think about what could have been done better and what areas you need to work on. Ask for guidance from experienced people in your field. Be polite & stay positive and remember that everyone has to work hard to achieve what they want. Good Luck. Keep Trying. Don’t Give Up.

The path to a dream job is not always easy, but it’s certainly achievable. I got mine after switching over 5 organisations in a span of around 5.5 years. What’s your story? Feel free to post below.

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