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How To Edit After Effects Templates

How To Edit After Effects Templates

How To Edit After Effects Templates - Motionmile Blog

With the growing popularity of After Effects Templates and the affects they have on an audience, you may eventually have to take the plunge and purchase one yourself to experience the enormous benefits they provide. However, the thought of using an After Effects template may be extremely daunting for some people, especially for people who have little to no experience or knowledge with using software of this type.

In this quick blog we’re going to do our best to provide a few crucial tips which will guide even the biggest beginner towards successfully editing their AE template.

Firstly, we’re going to assume you have the software and the AE template open at this time. And secondly we’ll also assume you’re only wanting to edit the very basic features of the template – given your knowledge on the subject – ie the text and perhaps the image/ footage placeholders.

So, the first place you’re going want to turn your attention to is the “Project Panel”, you’ll see a list containing the entire content of the template.

In the project panel, you need to search through the “Compositions” which have a little footage looking icon:

All After Effects templates will have compositions with specific names that you need to search for. Once you find all the compositions with names such as: ‘Text 1”, “Title 1”, “Edit in here”, “Edit text”, “Image 1”, “Replace Image’ etc, open them up one by one:

After clicking the “Text 1” composition for example, a new scene will open in After Effects and you’ll find the text which you want to edit:

Navigate down to the bottom left, this area contains all the content for this specific composition. So if you double click the text layer this allows you to enter your own text.

Repeat this process for as many text compositions as your template contains.

Now, if you want to add your own imagery or footage into the placeholders of your template, you must first have all of your imagery/ footage files on your computer (and have them remain on your computer so they’ll always link to the AE template). To import your own imagery/ footage, go back to the Project Panel, right click and import your files:

Your files will now be visible in the Project Panel. After opening the first placeholder composition, you can then click and drag your file into this:

Now, this is a very general guide to editing a typical After Effects template, and I understand it may not be applicable to your own template. However, all downloadable templates on MotionMile have a setup similar to the one used in these examples. Should you be still confused or stuck on something, then you can always contact the project creator.

To do this, go to the page of the template you downloaded and click on the author’s name in the top right corner. On the subsequent page you’ll find all the details you need:

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