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Introducing MotionMile - Rebranding / Site Updates

Introducing MotionMile - Rebranding / Site Updates

Introducing MotionMile - Rebranding / Site Updates - Motionmile Blog

Rebranding / Name Change

I’m sure most of you have already noticed things are a little different around here. For the past 6 years, this website, our social networking profiles and the company have gone under the name ‘Rendaa Studios’. We started to feel like we’d outgrown this name and it’s something that’s been bothering us for a while.

MotionMile is now the home of our Motion Graphics tutorials and After Effects / Cinema 4D Templates. Any memberships created on our old site continue as normal and all our social network links have been updated to the new name.
Make sure you bookmark our new website address and follow us on any of the following social networking platforms:

Visit The MotionMile WebsiteTwitterVimeoInstagramFacebookYouTube

Website Improvements / Plans

We’ve had a complete re-design of the navbar menus and footer as well as major improvements to membership accounts sections, so you can keep track of your membership, profile name and photo better than ever before.

We do have plans for a complete rebuild and brand new website which we're working on in the background. We can't wait to unveil that in 2016.

Upcoming Templates / Tutorials

We have lots of After Effects Templates in the pipeline including a bunch waiting to go live for Premium Members in the coming weeks. We also have a new tutorial that will be added in the next few days.

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