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Making A YouTube Intro - Best Practices

Making A YouTube Intro - Best Practices

Making A YouTube Intro - Best Practices - Motionmile Blog

First impressions really do count when it comes to YouTube, and you’d be shocked at the number of people who begin their videos with crucial mistakes. Most viewers will give a video five seconds before either switching over or dedicating to watching more, and if you haven’t captured their attention in those first five seconds then the chances are that they are gone forever. A really effective way of engaging your audience right from the offset is to create an exciting and relevant YouTube intro.

The main purpose of a video intro is to introduce and reinforce your branding by showing your logo and brief message. It is vital that you consistently remind your audience about you and your brand so that they keep coming back for more videos. Making a YouTube intro that grabs your audience’s attention is a challenge, but when you get it right it can really pay off. As well as being engaging and enticing, a YouTube intro should promote your brand and build your identity. Here are some best practices to follow when it comes to making a YouTube intro:

YouTube Intros Should Be Professional

As your YouTube intro is the first thing your audience will see about your brand and your video, it needs to create an impact and leave a positive impression. A poorly created intro will put off viewers and potential customers. If you aren’t great at motion video design and editing yourself, it can be worth investing in a professional to create an awesome intro for you.

YouTube Intros Should Be No More Than Five Seconds

As mentioned earlier, you only have five seconds to wow your audience before they switch off. YouTubers do not have the patience for lengthy intros and videos that take time to get to the good stuff, they want the video to get started as soon as possible. If your aim is to build a loyal fan base and audience, you don’t want them to waste 15 seconds of their time watching your YouTube intro on every video. Keep it short and sweet for the best results.

YouTube Intros Should Avoid Music Clichés

There are thousands of videos on YouTube that open to an upbeat ukulele tune; don’t let yours be yet another one on the pile. Choose a sound that is unique and memorable, you want your YouTube intro to stand out from the crowd, not blend into the masses.

YouTube Intros Should Be A Reasonable Volume

You might be thinking it seems like a great idea to make your YouTube intro volume a bit louder than the rest of the video to grab your audience’s attention and get noticed. Often this tactic has the totally opposite effect and will deter people from watching your videos. No one wants their ear drums burst when they first open a new video and doing this will usually lead to people leaving the page immediately.

YouTube Intros Should Introduce Your Brand

The main purpose of your YouTube intro should be to introduce yourself and your brand to the audience. Some of the most striking YouTube intros are simple logo reveals that have been perfectly executed. The more people see your brand name and logo the more they will associate it with you and your YouTube channel. Your YouTube intro should also be instantly recognisable to your audience, so they can tell a video is yours as soon as they start watching. Some people may come across your video elsewhere on the internet other than YouTube, and a well-planned and effective intro will inform them of your channel effortlessly.

YouTube Intros Should Use Your Branding

It is one thing to introduce your brand with a sleek and stylish logo reveal, but in addition to this your YouTube intro should also use your brands signature colours, fonts and style. Your YouTube channel should have its own brand colours that are consistent throughout, and often having a dedicated font style that is used across the board is very effective in building brand awareness.

YouTube Intros Should Be Unique

The amount of content on YouTube today is overwhelming, with over 100 hours of new video being uploaded every single minute. If you want your videos to stand out from the masses, your intro needs to be unique and original. Don’t base your intro clip on one that you like from another YouTuber, come up with something that is completely yours. Sometimes you can find an awesome template that can be tweaked to make it perfect for you, alternatively it might be worth investing in a professional editor to create something completely new just for you.

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