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NEW CATEGORY - After Effects Presets

NEW CATEGORY - After Effects Presets

NEW CATEGORY - After Effects Presets - Motionmile Blog

Improve your videos

As you may have already noticed, we've just added a new category of items to MotionMile called Presets.

This section will contain a whole variety of different After Effects Presets to help speed up and improve your videos and animations.

We've added a few color grading filters and we're soon going to be uploading a range of text/video animation and transition presets.

The MotionMile team is currently working hard on producing a huge range of content that we think our members will find useful!

How do Presets work?

Presets can be downloaded and added to your After Effects library and are located in your effects panel. Once there you can use them in the same way as you would any existing effect. Simply select your text / photo layer and double click the preset.

See our range of Presets

*Please note these items are covered by the same license agreement as MotionMile templates, meaning you're free to use the items but not allowed under any circumstances to redistribute them.

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