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NEW CATEGORY - Motion Graphics Templates (.mogrt)

NEW CATEGORY - Motion Graphics Templates (.mogrt)

NEW CATEGORY - Motion Graphics Templates (.mogrt) - Motionmile Blog

New To MotionMile

As you may have already noticed, we've added a new category of products to MotionMile called Motion Graphics Templates. This section will contain a variety of unique editable projects, not to be confused with standard Motion Graphics Items! It's a little thin at the moment but creators are working hard to produce a huge range of content that we think our members will find useful!

What is a Motion Graphics Template?

We've had a Motion Graphics section on the marketplace for a while now, and these offer pre-rendered animations that can be used as backgrounds or stock elements for your animation / video work.

Motion Graphics Templates are slightly different and shouldn't be confused with Motion Graphics stock items. In a nutshell, this new section offers you a range of editable template files that range from title sequences to slideshows. These files (.mogrt) are created inside After Effects and they're exported in such a way that you can open the project inside Premiere Pro.

Why not create the animation inside Premiere Pro?

We have a section for Premiere Pro Templates which already contains some great items, however creating the files first inside After Effects and then exporting them to be opened directly inside Premiere Pro CC, allows for much more versatility and customization options for the end user. Not to mention that it means the template creator can be more creative.

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*Please note these items can not be opened inside After Effects and are covered by the same license agreement as other MotionMile Marketplace Products, meaning you're free to use the items but not allowed under any circumstances to redistribute them.

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