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New Features In After Effects CC

New Features In After Effects CC

New Features In After Effects CC - Motionmile Blog

Adobe After Effects CC has been a powerful tool for video editors and motion designers for many years and Adobe are constantly working to keep it up to date and introduce new, innovative features. New features are always being designed in a bid to speed up production timelines, enable seamless workflows and create an intuitive user experience. The latest version of After Effects CC was released in July 2018 following a larger update in April 2018. Both new versions were packed with exciting new features for graphic editors, visual effects artists and animators. Here we give a breakdown of the new features in After Effects CC:

Support For New Video Formats

The July 2018 release of After Effect CC saw the introduction of import support for new video formats. These new formats are:

  • RED: The release saw adobe update the RED SDK to version 7.0.7 which also includes performance improvements for decoding .r3d and common bug fixes.
  • Panasonic: You can now view camera acquisition metadata in the Dynamic Media pane of the Metadata panel in After Effects CC.
  • Sony X-OCN: Performance improvements for decoding RAW/X-OCN files from Venice, F65, F55 and F5 cameras were introduced in this release.

Master Properties

Master Properties were a new feature in the April 2018 release and allows users to access and edit layer and effect properties including colour, text and opacity of a composition when it is nested within another composition. These master properties can be used to reduce the complexity of a project and save time when creating complex animations across multiple compositions. Any properties such as colour, scale or position that have been added to the Essential Graphics panel will appear as editable Master Properties within the timeline.

Adobe Immersive Environment

Compositions can now be previewed using a head-mount display (HMD) such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality. The new Adobe After Effects release in April 2018 introduced the ability to switch between Monoscopic, Stereoscopic Top / Bottom and Stereoscopic Side by Side video preferences.

Improvements To Essential Graphics Panel

The Essential Graphics panel was treated to a whole host of new improvements in the April 2018 release of After Effects CC. The key improvements are:

  • All transform group properties of a 2D layer can now be added to the Essential Graphics panel.
  • You can now add 2D scale, 2D point and Angle property types.
  • Within the Essential Graphics panel you can undo and redo, add, remove or reorder properties or comments.
  • Multiple selected properties can be dragged from the Timeline panel into the Essential Graphics panel.
  • When a composition is duplicated in the Project panel, it will also duplicate properties and comments added to the Essential Graphics Panel.
  • You can now right-click any property in the Essential Graphics panel and select Reveal in Timeline to open a closed composition quickly.

Open Motion Graphics Templates As A Project

In the new After Effects CC release in April 2018 the feature to open Motion Graphics templates in After Effects as a project file was introduced. Doing this retains compositions and assets of the file, and allows you to make edits to the template in After Effects and replace them with the original project or export as a new Motion Graphics template for Premiere Pro.

Video Limiter

The Video Limiter feature is a GPU-accelerated effect that limits the video signals to broadcast-legal range. It will compress luminance and chrominance signals for broadcast specifications. The effect can be applied to individual layers or to an adjustment layer to affect the entire composition.

Property Link pick whip

Similarly to the Expressions pick whip, the Property Link pick whip allows you to link properties to create complex animations quickly. The linked properties refer to the value of the properties that they are linked with using an expression. This new feature saves you the task of writing or creating an expression as it automatically assigns an expression to the linked property. The Property Link pick whip offers a similar result to using the Edit > Copy With Property Link option when copying and pasting the value of a property onto a new property, the only difference is that is creates the link in the other direction.

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