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New Features In Premiere Pro CC

New Features In Premiere Pro CC

New Features In Premiere Pro CC - Motionmile Blog

Back in April Adobe released Premiere Pro CC 2018 (21.1) which is packed full of new features and powered by Adobe’s artificial intelligence; Adobe Sensei. The much loved editing software now has some jaw-dropping new updates and features which are sure to increase post-production efficiency and make your workflow much smoother. The new update is designed to meet the needs of both seasoned video editors as well as beginners, and it achieves this effortlessly. There is an abundance of new features in Premiere Pro CC such as the new Learning Workspace, updated Essential Graphics panel and the User Voice Community. We’ve listed a few of our favourite and most loved new features in Premiere Pro CC:

Comparison View

The latest update introduced a new Comparison View in the Program monitor which can be enabled directly in the Lumetri Color panel or from the new Comparison View button in the default layout of the Program monitor control bar. This feature allows you to split your Program monitor vertically, horizontally or view full images died by side, which is super useful for comparing scenes before and after colour grading. This new Comparison View has two modes which are shot comparison and frame comparison. Shot comparison will display two frames and has the Reference frame timecode, whereas frame comparison will show the before and after of one single frame. There is a Shot or Frame Comparison button for easy switching between the two. This handy new feature isn’t just great for comparing colour corrections but can be used to compare anything in your sequence including graphics and effects.

Enhanced Essential Graphics Panel

The Essential Graphics Panel has been given an upgrade as one of the new features of Premiere Pro CC. You can now animate more quickly with the new toggle animation feature; this allows you to toggle on animation for rotation, position, anchor point, opacity and scale. Simply click their icons in the Essential Graphics Panel and then either edit the graphic layer in the Program monitor or adjust the property in the panel itself.

Another awesome new feature of the Essential Graphics Panel is the ability to add colour gradients directly to shape layers. Simply open the Color Picker window by clicking the Fill colour, and in the top left drop down you can choose either Radial or Linear gradient. You can edit the colours, opacity and midpoints of the gradient from the sliders in the Color Picker and you can adjust the angle and colour points directly in the Program monitor.

Adobe Stock and Motion Graphics Templates

The new features in Premiere Pro CC make it better equipped to edit Motion Graphics Templates by making it easy to adjust the rotation, position and scale of various elements. The improved interface and enhanced Essential Graphics Panels mean that it is easier than ever to customise templates that have been created in After Effects. They have also added a new search bar and filters to make finding templates, either locally or online, effortless. You can choose to browse Adobe Stock templates or search your own templates in the local directory or saved in the Creative Cloud. You can preview templates quickly and easily with support for hover scrubbing, and templates can be favourited using the star icon.

Copy and Paste Sequence Markers

If you are a fan of using markers during your editing, then this new feature in Premiere Pro CC is going to be very useful for you. Sequence Markers can now be copied and pasted, they will even retain all their information, position and duration. This setting can be enabled in the Markers menu and when turned on the Sequence Markers over a copied clip will also be copied and pasted into the new sequence. Be aware that if you are using markers with durations then the In point of the marker must be within the region being copied.

Adobe Immersive Environment

The Adobe Immersive Environment can now be used in the new Navigator window and act as a sort of rear view mirror, so you can see what’s happening behind you without using the sphere to look around. The Navigator window can be docked and used with the supported hand VR controls. Premiere Pro CC (12.1) also has added support for Windows Mixed Reality which increases the number of compatible Head Mounted Displays that can be used with the Adobe Immersive Environment.

Color Match

A key new feature in Premiere Pro CC is the introduction of Color Match, which is the first shot matching colour tool in the Lumetri Color panel. It uses the artificial intelligence of Adobe Sensei to analyse a Reference frame and make smart colour adjustments accordingly. This new feature can be found under the Color Wheels Tab which is now called Color Wheels & Match. This feature can be used in conjunction with the new Comparison View for seamless editing.

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