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Shooting 35mm Film

Shooting 35mm Film

Shooting 35mm Film - Motionmile Blog

If you ask me, this is simply a must for every photographer. I’m not saying shoot 35mm film all the time, but at least run through a couple of rolls, and I will give my reasons as to why this is such an important aspect of photography, even in today’s modern, digital world.

The main reason I would suggest any photographer out there to shoot film is because you will learn so much. You will appreciate and learn exactly what does what and why. For instance, if you are going out to shoot somewhere, you have to decide your ISO right there, and at any time you probably only have a slight selection of film speeds – usually 200iso and 400iso. There is no changing your iso once your film is firmly in the camera so you have to choose to suit your specific location.

You have to really take into account your F-Stop, now don’t panic, inside the viewfinder, there is a light metre that will give you a correct exposure and in most cases you can set the Aperture to automatic and it will work it out for you based on your ISO and Shutter Speed, of which you are in complete control of.

And finally, the most important thing is composition. When you buy film and you know every exposure is going to cost you money you are far more careful of when you press that shutter button. There is no reviewing the photo then trying again, and if you have to do it again, it’s going to cost you!

I love the excitement of not knowing how that shot will turn out until I develop it. It’s a great feeling when you finally see your shots. Combined with the beauty of film, there is no comparison with digital when it comes to depth of colour and contrast in film. It’s honestly a beautiful, beautiful thing. So go ask uncles, aunties, fathers or mothers, because usually they have an old film camera somewhere in the attic – take it and shoot, I’m sure they will also be thrilled you are using it.

Also, the shutter sound is something that is just music to my ears!

Here are a few shots from a trip to Costa Rica. All shot on the Konica T3N, using Fujifilm Superia 200ISO, printed on matte paper then scanned. The photos had no re-touching and the scans do not do the prints justice but Enjoy and get shooting!

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