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Top 5 Tips To Improve / Modernize Your Videos

Top 5 Tips To Improve / Modernize Your Videos

Top 5 Tips To Improve / Modernize Your Videos - Motionmile Blog

Tips To Improve Your Video Projects

In this blog we’re going to be looking at 5 useful tips and techniques which will help transform your videos into far more professional, stylized and most importantly, modern projects. Each tip we will breakdown, explaining what it does and how you can implement this into your own work.

Colour Grading

Probably the most essential technique for giving your video project that professional make-over it needs. Colour grading can help your video go from that amateur, home-made camcorder appearing footage to a cinematic, artistic and seemingly high-budget production. And it’s really simple to do too!

As you can see in this example, the effects of colour grading can be huge, really helping to emphasize standard and quality of your video.

Here we have our own pack of Colour Grading Presets, which is based upon the popular set of Instagram Filters. The project is very simple to use, just drag upon your footage and instantly improve you project. 23 unique colour styles for any theme, style or genre.

After Effects Presets - Instagram Filters Pack


Textures are a great way of applying an industrial or degraded effect to your footage, something which adds character and makes your project a little more individual. You can use images as textures and simply play around with different transfer modes within After Effects to get the desired effect:

As you can see here I have used the Transfer Mode ‘Screen’ and ‘Lighten’ inside After Effects which removes the dark areas and retains the light highlights, allowing them to pass through onto your footage resulting in a unique and authentic look.


Somewhat similar to using textures in that you’re integrating different elements on top of your footage. Overlays generally tend to be video files you implement into your project to – again – add character and creativity.

One of the more widely used overlays in modern video projects is the use of Light Leaks. A light leak is a technical term for when stray light ‘leaks’ into the camera and exposes the sensor, resulting in spots of light or random glares upon your footage. This was considered a problem, but it has now been exploited and used in a stylized way within videography and motion graphics, with light leaks being recreated digitally for artistic effect.

Using the Transfer Mode of ‘Screen’, the highlighted areas overlay your footage resulting in these lens orbs and artefacts interacting with your own footage.

One other choice of overlay that is becoming increasingly popular these days is the use of particle stock footage. Many people choose to overlay this upon still images to bring them to life or just to add atmosphere and charm to your existing footage.

Using the Transfer Mode ‘Add’, you can see the overlaid stock footage here gives the impression of dust particles. Adding an authentic atmosphere to your existing footage.

Motion Graphics Item - Light Leaks Pack

Title Sequences

If there’s one way to stamp your professionalism onto your video project it’s the use of a title sequence. It can establish the mood and theme of the project as well as your intentions as a filmmaker, and finally set up the expectations of your target audience.

There are an abundance of different ways to approach creating a title sequence. Title design is practically an industry of it own! However, our website has hundreds of Title Sequence Templates to choose from. The trick is finding a suitable template that represents your theme perfectly.

If you’re seeking something cinematic with an epic feel then we recommending taking a look at this template:

After Effects Template - Cinematic Title Sequence

Incorporating editable 3D text - made without any external plug-ins – with realistic clouds and lighting effects, creating a very epic atmosphere which would be fitting for even a film title sequence.

After Effects Template - Metal 3D Logo

Or you could go for something more subtle and clean, yet still enhancing the professional theme due to the impressive realistic 3D text and dramatic slow reveal of your title with assorted camera angles.

Be sure to check out the huge range of title sequences we have available here. But don’t just stop at title sequence templates, if you see an intro you like or even just some text animated in an appealing way which is featured in a completely unrelated template, just download that template and separate the text altogether so you can use it within your own project. The possibilities are endless!


Infographics can be a broad term and mean a range of different things, but just remember they are basically visual representations of information. So instead of bombarding your audience with text or even simple imagery, you can use infographics to put your message across yet in a creative style.

Sure, you may not be capable of including infographics in any and every video project you make. But for your projects which teach, explain or are even very text heavy, you may want to consider implementing infographics to demonstrate your point or some of the facts, as visual aids are always better digested by your audience than plain text and imagery.

After Effects Template - Outline Explainer Kit

Just to give you an idea, this is an example containing many of the typical inforgraphics commonly used today. Just sit some of these styles of icons and graphics along side accompanying text and they will help reinforce your point whilst bringing a little visual flair to your project. Google is your friend when you come to need inforgraphics such as these.

However, if you’re wanting something pre-animated, then we have a great After Effects template with a huge variety of such infographics which are already animated for your convenience and ready to be dragged straight into your own project.

After Effects Template - Flat Infographics Pack

Now, if you’re thinking I can’t incorporate anything like this into my project nor do I want to. Then perhaps we should look at something a little different and more subtle. Infographics can be a huge variety of visual elements which simply enhance information. So if you have any titles, sub titles, credits, headings, lower thirds etc which are shown via animating text. Maybe you should think about incorporating some graphics along with them?

In this example what’s known as a ‘Call-Out’ graphic has been used instead of simple text. Presenting the information in this way helps grab your audience’s attention and brings an element of creativity instead of bland text.

One final project we highly recommend. In this template you will find an abundance of unique, clean title animations, all of which incorporate subtle graphics along side text.

These can be used as title sequences, intros, sub-titles, intros, credits, lower thirds, or anywhere else you want to inject a little creativity to otherwise bland and basic text.

After Effects Template - Callout Pack

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