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Ways To Distribute Your Video Online

Ways To Distribute Your Video Online

Ways To Distribute Your Video Online - Motionmile Blog

It is one thing to have an amazing video that has been perfectly shot and edited, but in order to make that video a success you need to get it in front of your ideal audience. Properly distributing your video online is just as important as creating it in the first place. It isn’t enough to simply post your new video on YouTube and waiting for the views to roll in, you need to actively market your online content to make sure it is getting in front of the right audience. You should have an awesome distribution strategy in place that covers all major channels to really get the most out of every video you post online. Here are our top ways to distribute your video online:

Your Existing Network

This obvious distribution channel is often overlooked by many marketers, and it really shouldn’t be. Your network of existing customers and subscribers are an audience that are already engaged and aware of your brand and have actively signed up to receive updates and information from you. This makes them the ideal target for your new video content, and it couldn’t be easier to distribute to them directly. Send a marketing email featuring your amazing new video and encourage them to share it online.

Social Media

There is an abundance of social media platforms available for distributing videos online including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and loads more. Video content is perfect for social media channels, and one of the most popular types of posts on the internet. If your video is attractive and catchy then you will see the likes, comments and shares come rolling in in no time. Post on as many platforms as possible for maximum exposure but bear in mind it might be worth optimising your video for each social network’s individual requirements.


Whilst YouTube is technically one of the social networks mentioned above, it deserves a special mention for its ability to really boost your video views. It is the 3rdlargest social network in the world, and the 2nd largest search engine, so you know the audience is there. Think carefully about your video SEO distribution strategy when posting on YouTube, and make sure your keyword and tags are relevant for your audience to find you.


If you have your own online blog be sure to post your new video on there for maximum exposure. Not only will it increase your video’s views, but it will encourage people to stay longer on your website and enhance your SEO efforts. As well as your own blog, you can distribute your videos on other blogs. Look out for key bloggers and influencers with a similar target audience to you. You can also post some guest posts that feature your video on third party blogs, this is a win-win because you’re providing them with valuable content whilst also upping your video views.

Paid Adverts

If you are really keen to distribute your video online and prepared to invest some cash in it, then you can use paid adverts using tools like AdWords and AdSense to help boost your views quickly. You can also use paid adverts on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get your video in front of your desired audience. The beauty of paid adverts it that you can target very specific audiences and track the results easily.

Your Website

The chances are you are already doing a lot of promotion in order to drive traffic to your business website, so why not make the most of this and add your video? You can feature your latest videos on your home page or another page of the site to increase the views and show potential new customers what you are capable of. As well as getting your video in front of some more eyes, having video content on your website will help your website to rank on SERPs and ultimately drive more traffic to your pages.

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