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Website / Twitter Update - 28/10/11

Website / Twitter Update - 28/10/11

Website / Twitter Update - 28/10/11 - Motionmile Blog

Since the sites launch we have experienced a few unexpected problems, which we are working on fixing at the moment. The main problem is that the site currently runs quite slowly, so we will be switching servers in an attempt to improve speed and overall site performance.

The next problem has been the ability to comment on tutorials and blog posts. This has been fixed so you can now let us know what you think. We are very interested in seeing your take on a tutorial and seeing how you’ve developed it further so please post links in the comments sections.

We are going to be creating more tutorials in the next few weeks and we want to hear your tutorial requests!

Finally thanks to the 1000 people that now follow us on twitter. Your feedback has been really appreciated.

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