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What Does It Take To Be A Motion Graphics Designer?

What Does It Take To Be A Motion Graphics Designer?

What Does It Take To Be A Motion Graphics Designer? - Motionmile Blog

There are plenty of articles & tutorials on the internet, teaching you on how to improve and learn new motion graphics skills. But I will be discussing, what it takes to be a motion graphic designer. So if you are planning to become a motion graphics designer & interested to know about this field, this article is just for you.

You need to have an eye for design: Motion Graphics is not all about creating animation with programs such as Cinema 4D and After Effects. It is very essential to have an eye for good design. If you look at any good motion graphics work, the first thing that attracts a viewer is the design. Your scene could be animated brilliantly and to a high technical standard, but if it’s not well designed, the chances are your piece wont work. Motion graphics is a series of graphic design sequences, so make sure each and every frame is designed well and makes sense. To sum up – before you jump into After Effects or Cinema 4D, please learn Graphic Design.

Money > Passion?: You came to hear, that one of your friends or relatives who is a Motion Graphics Designer has started to earn a decent income… If that’s the reason for you to get into this field then I would suggest stay away, this is not meant for you. It takes lots of skill, patience and continuous learning to be a decent Motion Graphic Designer. If you just want to earn a quick buck, try some other job, but not this. As those who enter this field with the sole motive of earning a fortune will be disappointed.

Accept Criticisms: A Motion Graphics Designer needs to have a big heart. You will face a number of constructive/destructive criticisms from your clients, bosses, peers, fans/followers,etc. Hence you need take those criticisms in a good spirit and try to implement whatever is required to take the work to the next level.

New challenges ‘Everyday': Motion Graphics is one of the most exciting and challenging professions. Why? Because it is a constantly evolving industry, with new styles, plugins, techniques being introduced every now and then. Also in most of cases your next Motion Graphics project will be different from your last one.

Be Open: No one in this field, knows ‘Everything’. A Motion Graphics Designer needs to be open to new ideas and accept the fact that they have a lot to learn. The moment you believe that you know everything about Motion Graphics, then I believe you should quit working at that time. Even after working as a Motion Graphics Artist for more than 5 years, there have been instances where I have received helpful tips and tricks from colleagues and friends,and juniors. So ‘Be Open’ to learn in this never ending journey of Motion Graphics and keep growing.

No Fixed Working Hours: There are more often than not, no fixed working hours for Motion Graphics Artists. It may sound great to a few of you who prefer not to work in a 9 to 5 job. However quite often a Motion Graphics Artist ends up working more than 10 to 12 hours per day, (without any overtime financial benefits) in order to meet a deadline. There will be times when your social life disappears because of this. Luckily I am fortunate enough that my close ones understand the demands of my profession. So if you enjoy your work like I do, trust me you won’t even realise the overtime!

What? Motion Graphics? : Many of us have faced this situation at some point, when people ask whats your profession? When they get a reply such as ‘I am a Motion Graphics Artist’, they seem to be confused. Chances are they’ve never heard about such a profession. It can be quite tricky tying to explain Motion Graphics to people outside of the field. As anything related to animation means either a ‘Toy Story’ or ‘Avatar’ to them.

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There are lots of young students who enroll themselves into Animation Institutes whilst being completely unaware about the branch of Animation known as ‘Motion Graphics’. Often if you ask students upon their enrolment “What do you want to do once you complete this course”, you receive a common set of answers i.e. Modelling, Rigging, Animation or Visual Effects. It’s a shame their institutes do not inform them about ‘Motion Graphics’ as there is a niche market for it compared to the Multi Billion Dollar Hollywood Industry.

Lastly, I’ll end by saying that I am still looking out for a perfect definition/explanation for Motion Graphics. This field is so vast it’s difficult for me to explain about it to others who are not from the industry. I don’t look at Motion Graphics as a job or a medium to earn a livelihood. For me and many others, Motion Graphics is something more than that. It is something which we EAT, DRINK & SLEEP. In case any of you have better ways to explain about Motion Graphics, please share it down below. I desperately need one.

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