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What is Adobe After Effects?

What is Adobe After Effects?

What is Adobe After Effects? - Motionmile Blog

If you have recently got into the video editing and motion design world, then the chances are you have seen, heard and read a lot about After Effects. After Effects is an editing and design software created by Adobe, and it is highly popular amongst both professional and amateur film makers and motion graphics designers. There are very few programmes in the world that are capable to producing the stunning visual works of art that After Effects can, and the capabilities of the software are impressive. You can create, composite, and amend video footage, as well create awesome visual effects. One of the reasons that many new editors struggle so much with learning After Effects is because of the amount of different things you can do within the software.

It should be noted that After Effects is very popular among video editors, but not for directly editing their footage. Adobe After Effects is an incredible piece of software but it is not equipped with the same playback capabilities as video editing applications such as Premiere Pro. The majority of editors will use After Effects after they have editing their footage in another software, to apply effects and finishing touches. Here we cover what is After Effects and what can it do:

Effects Library

After Effects comes equipped with its own impressive effects library which has hundreds of built-in effects than can be combined together to create an infinite number of possibilities. Once you get the hang of how After Effects works, you can create pretty much any visual effect you can dream of. Within the effects library are presets such as simulation effects. These simulation effects can create anything from realistic hair strands to rain or snow fall, and all of these are completely customisable or can be used as they come. There are stylized effects which are useful for giving videos certain styles that are impossible to create in other programmes. These effects are easy drag and drop items that can be manipulated to suit your own footage and style. Stylized effects include the posterize effect and glass effect. There are hundreds of other types of effects available in the effects library, that can add any finish you like to your video.

After Effects Templates

A huge number of After Effects fans use the software because of the amazing templates included. If you are a video editor on a tight deadline, these templates can become invaluable. These templates are created by motion designers across the globe and are designed in a way so that users can simple drag and drop them into their own footage in order to get incredible results and effects.

Title Sequences

After Effects is similar to Adobe Photoshop when it comes to the diversity of the design features available. Within the software you can create stunning titles for your video projects using the title tool. This title tool is super simple to use and allows you to edit every aspect of your text including leading and kerning. As well as designing fantastic titles, After Effects also has the ability to animate them automatically. All the effects in the effects library can be applied to text titles, to the possibilities are endless.


Compositing software is a software that can be used to combine multiple assets into one finished scene. For example, a visual effect might require green screen footage, a background, dust and smoke, and some explosion elements all on one single scene. Video editing software would struggle to allow you to effectively composite all of these items, but After Effects is able to do this for you easily. After Effects uses various layers and blending modes to create amazing visual effects within your footage.

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