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What Is After Effects?

What Is After Effects?

What Is After Effects? - Motionmile Blog

What is After Effects?

After Effects is the industry standard tool for motion graphics and digital effects. The go to software for post-production specialists and graphic artists around the world, allowing them to create visually appealing work for TV and Film. Or even for the young novice sat in his bedroom, creating title sequences for his own social media channel.

This broad spectrum of options, which can cater for the professional or the amateur, is what makes After Effects so popular.

A very powerful tool which can create the most simple of graphics to the most technical of animations. The software brings life and motion to graphics.

Some of the most highly used features or popular exploits of the software are:

Title Sequences

A creative typographic introduction to your film, show or product.

Stylize Footage

Add colour grading to your footage to give it that professional ‘movie’ look. Or colour correction to transform the weather, mood or even to correct poor lighting. Or even degrade your footage for a more retro look.


Allowing you to combine multiple layers of footage or imagery to add special elements to your scene, or even create your own fictional environment.


If you have blue/green screen footage, use After Effects’ in house tools to remove the background and replace it with any image or footage you desire.

Masking and Rotoscoping

Or if you don’t have the aforementioned footage, simply rotoscope an element of your footage to isolate it from the background.

Stabilization and Motion Tracking

You can correct and stabilize your shaky footage easily using After Effects using a few simple tools. Also, Motion Tracking can be applied using similar processes that allow you to insert new elements into your scene that follow the camera, making it blend into your footage seamlessly.

And the best thing of all, there are countless tutorials out there which will guide you into achieving these effects with your own footage. Or if you simply don’t have the time or patience to watch such tutorials, there are many sites which provide After Effects Templates ready made for all your needs.

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