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Why Are After Effects Templates Useful?

Why Are After Effects Templates Useful?

Why Are After Effects Templates Useful? - Motionmile Blog

Adobe After Effects is a digital visual effects, motion graphics and compositing application developed by Adobe Systems and used in post-production process of film-making and television production. Amongst other things it can be used for keying, compositing and animation. It also functions as a very basic non-linear editor, audio editor and media transcoder.

In today’s world there are innumerable resources at one’s disposal to learn the technical aspects of any particular software. One of them is the use of templates. After Effects templates are project files which are created by professionals to teach and cater to varying levels of knowledge, and they’re great when you’re on a deadline and need to turn work around quickly.

Templates are usually downloaded as compressed zip files and can be opened and edited just like any other After Effects project file. Templates are often built with drop zones, otherwise known as placeholders, that enable someone to add content without having to alter the rest of the project. Once the required adjustments have been made the file can be exported like a video.

What makes learning the software easier is working on a pre-designed template which has been crafted professionally. However there are certain terms that you should get familiar with before you venture into learning. The first and foremost important thing to do is to download After Effects. This is the only software that will open these templates. Secondly, if an After Effects template says that it contains pre-rendered elements, it usually means that the creator has used some Third Party Plugins, such as Trapcode Particular, and has rendered the final effect before re-importing it. This means that the end user won’t need a version of the plugin.

After Effects is a huge piece of software that allows you to create anything from simple to complex animations. The more complex the animation, the longer it will take to render a file. With templates you can usually assume however that it’s taken the creator a huge amount of time longer to produce the template, that it will take you to render it.

There are lots of sites available to you when the time comes for you to buy a ready made project file. Sites such as VideoHive offer individual prices for individual templates, however here at MotionMile, we offer very affordable memberships that allow you to come back time and time again to download new templates without paying each time. Our membership is even cheaper than most individual templates that you’ll find in other marketplaces.

Using theses templates saves a lot of time and energy. Such templates are usually crafted with utmost care so that they are very user friendly. It is understandable that the software being as big as it is requires considerable amount of time and effort to master. The ready templates give a new user a lot of space and time to understand the product before venturing any further into the inner workings of the software.

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