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Why Cineware Won't Make Element 3D Obsolete

Why Cineware Won't Make Element 3D Obsolete

Why Cineware Won't Make Element 3D Obsolete - Motionmile Blog

The big news among Maxon’s Cinema 4D (C4D) and Adobe’s After Effects (AE) software users has been Cineware; a pipeline that bridges the last remaining gap between the two softwares. C4D scenes can be imported directly into After Effects like any other asset. Live changes can be made within C4D, and those changes will be updated automatically in AE, saving tons of time. It’s a pretty big deal – especially because it’s free and included with the next version of After Effects.

While awesome, it won’t be the first time AE will support complex, true 3d polygonal shapes. Video CoPilot’s Element 3d (E3D) is well known for this, and it has become the most successful when it comes to the implementation of 3d in AE, since it’s release in 2012. Some may think Cineware could potentially make E3D obsolete: two major companies are combining forces and mashing two Goliath software programs together, after all. I think this is hardly the case.

One thing E3D will have a clear advantage of over Cineware: Speed – and when it comes to tight deadlines and turnarounds, I cannot think of one freelancer or studio that doesn’t need shorter render times and minimal dead time in their toolkit. Thanks to E3D’s OpenGL render engine, not only do your projects render fast, but you can get a better visual representation of your project’s final output directly from AE’s viewport. Cineware will be using raytrace rendering – and while the quality of your final project will look awesome aesthetically, you won’t get the same experience during the creative process and can expect longer render time.

The Cineware news may also encourage Andrew Kramer and his team at Video CoPilot to do other things that Cineware cannot, thus increasing the value of E3D and giving creatives more reasons to obtain a copy. One step in the right direction, is Optical Flares V2, which was subtly announced on Video CoPilot’s blog. It will very likely work closely with E3D when it’s released, undoubtedly along with a few other surprises.

It’s also important to note, the new AE won’t be shipping with the full version of Cinema 4d, rather, it will be a lite version with only a handful of features. Many, if not all of C4D’s MoGraph tools will not be included in the lite version – which is essentially everything that E3D already does.

However, you can still use a fully licensed and paid version of C4D to get all those added features found within it, but that brings us to another advantage E3D has over Cineware – price. Video CoPilot’s audience and product targeting is us little guys, and that’s the major reason why E3D will be around for a long time to come – the little guy market is a BIG market. Priced at $150, it’s a no-brainer. Indies, small businesses, start-ups, hobbyists and more all benefit from this.

That being said, Cineware is still big news, and perhaps industry-changing. We’re all excited for this news. From the gorilla chest beating at GreyscaleGorilla, to the Sam Loya beatings at VideoCoPilot – everyone is very excited to see where this goes.

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