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Why Is Video Marketing Important?

Why Is Video Marketing Important?

Why Is Video Marketing Important? - Motionmile Blog

Why Is Video Marketing Important?

Video content marketing has rising rapidly for a number of years, and for marketeers it is not a tactic to be taken lightly.YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web and has the second highest number of active users following Facebook, yet video marketing is still an afterthought for a lot of companies. Users are much more likely to interact and engage with video content compared with text or photos, and recent technologies mean that creating video content for marketing has never been so accessible. Here are out top 5 reasons why video marketing is so important:

1.People Love Video Content

One third of online activity is made up of consumers watching videos, with every internet user watching on average 32.3 videos every single month. People love to watch videos because they are fun and easy to consume, and 1 out of 4 consumers will lose interest in a company if their website doesn’t feature any video content. Your business should focus on making videos that are fun, interesting and easy to understand, which will motivate people to watch your videos right to the end, increasing the chances of people being influenced by it.

2.Educate Your Customers Through Video

Videos have a big impact on the purchase decision process, and a huge number of consumers will watch explainer videos to learn more about a product or service before purchasing. Use videos to educate your customers and teach them about your products or services. Video content is super simple to follow and understand, and easier for your customers to process than a text tutorial or image instructions.

3.Video Drives Conversions

As mentioned above, video has a large impact in the purchase decision process, so it is no surprise that video marketing can help to increase your conversion rate. Over 70% of people who watch explainer videos ended up purchasing the product or service featured, and the majority of consumers are convinced to make a purchase by watching a video. Video marketing will not only engage people with your brand and teach them about your offerings but encourages them to take the leap and make a purchase. Websites that use video marketing content generally have a higher conversion rate than those that do not.

4.Video Marketing Grows Organic Traffic

One of the largest drivers to any e-commerce store or website is organic traffic. Many companies spend thousands of pounds and countless hours trying to link their businesses to high quality sites. This not only increases the authority of a site but helps to increase the websites position on SERPs and drive organic traffic. Google will determine the quality of a website by looking at various factors including the bounce rate. The higher google ranks your site the more organic traffic you will receive, which is why it is vital for your website to have a low bounce rate. Engaging your website visitors when they arrive at your site is the best way to reduce your bounce rate, and the easiest way to engage consumers is through video marketing content. Introducing video content to your website will drive high levels of engagements and therefore attract more organic traffic.

5.Easily Track Your Results

With traditional marketing content such as blogs and Facebook posts, it can be difficult to accurately track the levels of engagement. You may be able to see how many people read your blog, but you can’t measure how many people reread a certain part, or when they turned away from the post completely. These specific types of metrics are impossible to track with traditional content marketing, however when utilising video, marketers can easily track how their consumers engaged with the content. You can monitor when a consumer stopped watching, how many full and partial views a video has and most importantly, how often a video bought you new business.

No matter what industry your business operates within, video marketing is vital. In today’s high-technology world, video marketing must be part of your content strategy in order to drive more business. Video marketing is not a trend that will fizzle out in a couple of years, it is here to stay and should be embraced as an excellent new revenue stream for your business. With mobile devices being such a huge part of our everyday lives and video being supported and encouraged on all your consumer’s favourite sites and social media platforms, we can only expect video marketing to continue to rise in the coming years.

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