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Why Learn After Effects?

Why Learn After Effects?

Why Learn After Effects? - Motionmile Blog

Adobe After Effects is highly popular in the video editing world and is a great tool for bringing videos to life with awesome visual effects and motion graphics. It is often considered the Photoshop of video editing, allowing you to edit footage in new and exciting ways. Learning After Effects is no small task as the powerful software can take years to master, but it is well worth the time and effort to be able to create stunning and epic movies. Here are our top seven reasons why you should learn After Effects:

1. Stunning Visual Effects

Blockbuster movies are often packed full of awesome visual effects that leave many wondering how they created it. Chances are, a talented motion graphic designer used After Effects to create the magical elements and striking moving graphics. Many editors will use Adobe After Effects to not only enhance footage but also create epic effects using ‘invisible scenes’. These invisible scenes are common in sci-fi and fantasy films and are used to create effects that don’t exist in the original footage. Mastering visual effects in After Effects will give your videos an added twist and unique edge

2. Awesome Animated Titles

Grab your viewers’ attention by enhancing your videos with animated titles. Sometimes text in a video is necessary, whether it is an introduction, explanation or end credits, having plain text is uninspiring and boring for the audience. Learning After Effects is an excellent way of adding something different to the text in your videos, as it allows you to create animated text with awesome effects that will engage and impress your audience.

3. Build Brand Identity

Using After Effects to animate an epic ‘logo reveal’ is one of the most popular effects created within the software. Incorporating your brand’s logo into your videos in a stylish and innovative way that will engage your audience whilst building your brand identity. You can use After Effects to create beautiful animations that accurately represent your business, putting your brand at the forefront of your viewers minds.

4. Enhanced Video Presentations

If you’re looking for an extraordinary way to present information and imagery, using Adobe After Effects for video presentations is a great option. Learning After Effects will give you the skills and knowledge to ditch Microsoft PowerPoint and create stunning visual presentations that will be engaging and interesting for the viewer. After Effects can be used to create animated graphs and graphics to present information in a new and inspiring fashion.

5. Magical Motion Graphics

If you decide to learn After Effects, one if the most invaluable skills you will learn is creating the illusion of motion using motion graphics. Skilled After Effects designers will utilise various elements such as a text, images and video footage to create magical motion graphics in their videos. It can be difficult to learn motion graphics in After Effects but is definitely worth the effort when you can create stunning effects within your videos.

6. Bring Footage To Life

Live action footage is common in many films and often a lot of the elements of the video are added in post-production. Gun shots, fire explosions and blood splatters are all great examples of effects that After Effects can help you to add to your footage during the editing stage. Adding these effects can really bring your footage to life and enhance the impact the scene has on the audience.

7. Striking 3D Footage

Often 3D footage needs strengthening and defining in post-production and After Effects is a great tool for this. You can utilise colour corrections, stock footage and add additional scenes seamlessly to increase the impact of 3D footage. Learning to use After Effects to bring 3D footage to life will have a striking finish on your videos and draw in your audience.

Choosing to learn After Effects will not only give you all of the above additional skills and features, but also increase the quality of your video production work. Whether you produce videos for your company or on a freelance basis, being able to incorporate After Effects features will give your footage an edge that others may not have. Whilst learning After Effects is no easy task, it is one that is sure to pay off in the long run. It takes a lot of dedication and time to learn Adobe After Effects properly, and as your skills grow and expand you will soon find it is a valuable tool for video creators.

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