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Why Use After Effects Templates?

Why Use After Effects Templates?

Why Use After Effects Templates? - Motionmile Blog

Whether you’re a novice designer just starting to take your first steps in the motion design world, or a seasoned professional with an impressive portfolio; After Effects templates can be a great tool to save you precious time and money. These items are professionally made, customisable After Effects project files that can be incorporated into your own motion design projects easily. Many designers consider using pre-made projects as cheating and that they result in projects that lack originality, but when used properly, templates can have the opposite effect. There are many experienced professionals that use AE templates to save time and money, and also customise them perfectly to blend into their projects and bring their own creative flair. Here are some of the main reasons why you should consider using an After Effects template for your next project:

Save Money and Time

In the world of motion design, time is money. After Effects templates can be used as a starting point or base for any new project, saving a huge amount of time and effort. You can fully modify the predesigned template to fit your style, and if either you or your client has a change of heart then you don’t have to start again from scratch. Most template files won’t break the bank and mean you can make awesome videos at a fraction of your production budget.

An Easy Learning Tool

If you are a beginner to After Effects, it can be a real struggle to know where to start. After Effects templates offer an easy introduction to the software and can be used for learning the basics and experimenting with a project that has been pre-made by a professional. Get a few templates featuring different effects and content, and spend time playing around with them and figuring out how they were made.

Mix and Match

There is no reason to use After Effects templates exactly as they have been created, and one of the best ways to quickly create a completely unique video is to take various clips and sections from a number of templates. You can take transitionstext effects and logo reveals from all different templates, edit them to fit your style and colour scheme, and create a completely individual project that is perfectly unified.

Increase Your Creativity

Whilst many motion designers have the impression that templates are for the uncreative, that couldn’t be further from the truth. After Effects templates can be used to boost creativity and inspire new ideas. They make great starting points, especially when you’re having a creative block on a new project, and can be used to experiment, customise and brainstorm instead of staring at a blank screen hoping a great idea pops into your brain.

Unlimited Choice

There are thousands of After Effects templates out there, offering unlimited options and variety. Whatever you have in mind, the chances are you can find a template for it, and all these templates can be adjusted to fit pretty much any video project.

Professional Finish

Most template renders look amazing and have a very high production value because so much time and effort has gone into creating them. Adding a professional template to your motion design project can easily upgrade the finish and improve the overall production value of your videos.

Avoid Repetitive Tasks

When it comes to creating a great video in After Effects, there are usually some tedious and repetitive tasks that take a lot of time, such as making a lot of titles or transitions. Using After Effects templates for these repetitive tasks can save you a lot of time as well as your eyesight!

Keep Up with Trends

The motion design field is fast paced and ever changing, there is always a new trend or style around the corner and keeping on top of them all can be a struggle. Whether the latest trend is animated typography, glitch effects or liquid motion, you can keep up to date with them all by monitoring After Effects template trends. Look out for the templates with the highest download counts at any one time, and the chances are that is going to be the latest motion design trend.

Increase Your Capacity

Using a template can effortlessly increase the volume of work you can complete in any given time. Creating everything from scratch might mean you are charging a premium price to create one project for one client at a time. Utilising templates could increase your capacity and allow you to work for multiple clients at a more affordable price, allowing you to accept more work and grow your business and portfolio.

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