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Flat Typography Titles

Video: Flat Typography Titles

This free After Effects tutorial will show you how to create a stunning title sequence set in the clouds.


In this tutorial Mackenzie teaches you how to create a set of 3 different typography styled titles. Working from the end (title 3) you’ll learn how to add a stroke to the text, which cleverly increases the thickness of a ‘not very bold’ font. You’ll then add some animators for the scale and position allowing you to add some randomised text animations to the title. Then, by using a few default after effects plugins, Mackenzie will teach you how to add some subtly animated shadows to the text.
Jumping back to the beginning (title 1), you’ll be given a pre-rendered wireframe animation that can be used for the background design. For the text shadows, you’ll scale a single axis until it fills the frame and turn down the opacity until you get a transparent shadow effect. Inserting an animated camera will allow the shot to look more dynamic and add some depth to the scene.
Finally, the middle title which pulls this sequence together (title 2), you’ll start by creating some good old fashioned typography themed text with various scales and positions. Re-adding the wireframe from title 1 with the use of an alpha inverted matte will change it’s appearance but create a nice themed link between the first two title sequences.
To complete this title sequence you’ll implement a few simple transitions that can be tweaked and changed to your hearts content, giving you a unique piece of work that can easily be customised and used in various projects.

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