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Fractured HUD

Video: Fractured HUD

This free After Effects tutorial will show you how to create a stunning title sequence set in the clouds.


In this After Effects Tutorial, Mackenzie teaches you how to create a brilliant looking title sequence which revolves a Fractured HUD (Heads Up Display).

During the tutorial you will learn how to create the animated circular HUD design, which can very easily be altered to make it your own. This HUD will be created using the default After Effects plugin ‘Vegas’ and animated using an expression. The Heads Up Display will then be duplicated numerous times to add depth.

Within the design you will create your text that can be changed at a later date in seconds as it will be left fully editable, and you’ll learn how to add a simple camera movement to your scene.

The particles will be created using the default After Effects Plugin ‘Pixel Polly’, and colour will be added to the scene using Optical Flares. These flares will be created in such a way that they will follow your light animation.

Optical Flares will make a big impact on the colour of the scene, however you could easily use your own pre-rendered lens flares, the defauly AE flares or any alternative.

During the tutorial Mackenzie will show you how to hide layers using the ‘Shy Switch’ – This can be very useful if you’re working with a lot of different layers within your project.

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