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Pop Out Animation

Video: Pop Out Animation

This free After Effects tutorial will show you how to create a stunning title sequence set in the clouds.


In this tutorial, we integrate 2D Photoshop elements into After Effects to create eye-catching pop out animations.

I wanted to do a tutorial for beginners that demonstrates that not everything has to be created in After Effects. I perhaps chose badly as the tutorial I did turned out to be something that could very easily be created inside After Effects with the shapes tools, without the need for Photoshop ā€“ But still I hope this brings people who are primarily Photoshop users more into the world of After Effects.

The tutorial is made up of 2D graphics created in Photoshop, which when saved individually as .png files, can be manipulated in After Effects to create a Pop Out style animation! The techniques used in the tutorial are fairly straight forward, but the possibilities with these kinds of techniques are endless.

I hope that some of you decide not to download the available files I am providing with this tutorial, and instead create your own entirely new (and hopefully better) Pop Out Animation! Iā€™d love as always to see your examples posted either here or in the Blog.


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